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Aquarium Decorations to Create the Perfect Aqua World 

The beauty of an aquarium is because of its fish but it looks even prettier when you add some aquarium decorations to it. Fish tank decor does not mean picking a few items from the pet store and placing them inside the tank.
Just like you take time while carefully picking out your fish, you must invest a little time in selecting some cool aquarium decorations.

Why you need aquarium decorations

The very first thing you must keep in mind is the safety and health of your fish. Ensure that the aquarium ornaments you are using are fish friendly.
You must know the details and specifications of your freshwater and salt water aquarium decorations so that you are sure that they will not add any toxicity to the water of the tank.
There are so many fish tank decoration ideas to pick from and it can be an intimidating task to choose just a few. From rocks and castles to divers and treasure boxes,
there are so many aquarium accessories that you can add to your fish tank. Aquarium decoration pieces can instantly transform a boring fish tank into the centerpiece of a room. 
We have reviewed some unique aquarium decoration pieces for you across various categories so that you can have an idea of what you want in your tank. 

Things to know before you buy the decorations

Before you buy and install the aquarium decoration in your fish tank you must take care of a few things.

  • Size of the aquarium

Any fish decorations that you buy must be suitable for the size of your aquarium. Do not buy a decoration just because you like it and do not buy too many of them either. Tall aquarium decorations make your aquarium look crowded and do not give the fish enough space to swim.
Pick a theme and then just add one or two decorations according to it. If you have a small size aquarium, the lesser decorations you add, the cleaner look your fish tank will have. Select one choicest piece that will stand out and then let the fish have enough space to move around
If you have any extra-large aquarium decorations, they would rise to fill the top zone of your fish tank. Balance the rest of the space by adding one or two decorations that are only an inch or two higher from the fish tank floor. This would give a good space flow to your fish.

  • Type of fish

If you own fish that are very active then their oxygen requirement would be more than that of other fish. You must add a bubble maker or an aerating ornament to the aquarium for maintaining a good oxygen level.

  • Go natural or pick a theme

A nature-themed aquarium can have a rock bed and plants to recreate an ocean scene. Alternatively, you can pick a theme like a mermaid world with a castle and bridge or a diving theme with a diver toy and submarine bubble maker. Whatever theme you decide on, do not go overboard with aquarium decoration ideas freshwater

  • Color of the fish

Pale colored fish look great against dark decorations while brightly colored ones do well with pale aquarium decorations. You can enhance the aesthetics of your fish tank by keeping this color tip in mind. 

  • Sharp edges

Before you place any fish tank ornaments, run your hand over them to feel any sharp edges that might cause harm to the fish. Sharp edges can cause injury to their scales, leading to an infection.

  • Create focus points

A mermaid bridge, a castle, or a statue can be used as focus points for your aquarium. Do not place the aquarium accessories just about anywhere in the tank. Layout the setting carefully so that the fish do not feel like they are swimming through an obstacle course.

  • Adding non-commercial items

It is advisable to go with fish-friendly aquarium decor ideas but if you feel a toy would go well with your fish tank decoration ideas, do not put it into the water directly.
Test it in a separate water tank for a few days and then test the water to see if it is aquarium safe. If using driftwood from your house, you must bake it or boil it before adding it to the aquarium. 
Make sure you buy quality and fish-friendly aquarium decorations. Pick decorations that would make your fish happy and your fish tank beautiful.

  • Rocks and Stones

A rock bed is a good addition for a nature-themed fish tank and the fish might find them comforting too. If you want to add any wild rocks, boil them first for an hour before you add them to the aquarium. We have for you our top picks in this category.
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SACKORANGE 2 LB Aquarium Gravel River Rock 


Available here: amazon.com
These natural-polished rocks come in a variety of colors like various shades of white, brown, yellow, and black. They give the look of an ocean bed to your fish tank and their color does not fade in the water. 

N/C Fish Tank Glow Gravel




Available here: amazon.com
If you have light-colored fish, their hues would come out well against these glowing pebbles. These luminous stones are made of polystyrene and phosphor. They are non-toxic and non- radioactive and can be safely used in a fish tank.
They are available in six colors: blue, green, purple, orange, primary, and multi-colored. You can pick a shade that goes well with the decor of your fish tank and the color of your fish.

  • Ruins or Castle

If you want to create a mermaid world theme for your fish tank, adding a few ruins or castle ornaments is a great idea. 

Penn Plax Castle Aquarium Decoration


Available here: amazon.com
It gives your aquarium the look of a mermaid world. The castle sitting on a rock has elegant conical domes that make it look like it is straight out of a fairy tale. There are archways under the castle that are a fun activity for the fish. 
This 14-inch castle is made out of resin and is hand-painted. It is a perfect saltwater as well as fresh water aquarium decor.

Kathson Aquarium Decoration Big Castle


Available here: amazon.com
This eco-friendly castle is made of resin and can be the perfect addition to your fish tank for creating a mystic world charm. It is not only safe for your fish and the water but the color on the castle is also durable. 
Since this castle is double-sided, you can place it anywhere in the fish tank. Two open doorways give enough open space for the fish to swim through and the castle itself acts as a shelter for them.  These fish tank decor ornaments make the aquarium look attractive. 
This castle has a heavy bottom and it stands firmly on the aquarium floor, without getting disturbed by the gentle nudges of your naughty fish. 

  • Sunken Ships

If you love pirates then why not create a pirate world in your fish tank too? Sunken ships are a great aquarium decor idea that gives the fish shelter and makes your fish tank look super cool. We have a few decor ideas in this category that you can consider.

JUFENG Pet Aquarium Decoration


Available here: amazon.com
This pirate ship aquarium ornament will recreate the pirate world in your aquarium. With a lot of openings for the fish to swim through, this ship is an ideal recreation ornament for your fish.
Made from eco-friendly resin, the non-toxic material of this castle is completely safe for your fish. The heavy bottom keeps this ship standing as the fish swim through it.  A pirate symbol painted on the ship gives it an authentic look.
The dimensions of this ship are 8.3*3.4*7.3 inch (L*W*H) and you must measure your fish tank before you buy one. 

  • Bubble makers

If your aquarium has active fish, then a bubble maker or an aerating ornament is a must. Not only do they look attractive but they also keep an ample amount of oxygen in the water for a densely populated fish tank.
Active fish need more oxygen and keeping a bubble maker helps in maintaining the oxygen levels. Make sure the bubble maker you pick does not stress the fish out with its strong airflow.
Treasure chests, divers, and stones are some popular bubble makers but this is one area where you can get creative. Try and keep a bubble maker that goes well with the theme of your fish tank.

Penn Plax Aerating Action Ornament Skeleton at the Wheel


Available here: amazon.com
If you have a pirate theme in your fish tank then this aerating ornament would take it to the next level. A skeleton at the wheel of a ship is just what you need to have a fun fish tank decor. The movement of the wheel is fun to watch and it provides entertainment to your fish and oxygen to the tank. 
The steady stream of bubbles make it look like the skeleton behind the wheel is driving it. This ornament requires an air pump and a standard 3/16” tubing that is not included with it. Made from durable plastic resin, this ornament works well both in freshwater and saltwater tanks.
A sea world feels almost incomplete without a submarine and this aquarium ornament makes your fish tank look exciting. This submarine air bubbler decoration is made of resin that is completely non-toxic for the fish.
If you are looking for fish tank decorations for a small aquarium, this submarine would be a perfect fit. It is compact with dimensions 13.5 x 6 x 8.5cm / 5.3 x 2.3 x 3.3inch ( L x W x H). The bubbler can be cleaned easily with a brush and the colors do not fade away in the water. 

  • Artificial Plants

An important aspect of aquascaping is picking up plants that replicate the sea bed in your fish tank. Artificial plants are a good freshwater aquarium decor and add the required hint of greenery to the tank.

COMSUN 10 Pack Artificial Aquarium Plants


Available here: amazon.com
These plants come in a pack of ten, giving you the option of either placing them in a cluster or spread out in the fish tank. They add a dash of green to the aquarium and make it look interesting. 
These plants measure 8.8 x 4 x 1.4 inches and you can keep as many from this pack in your fish tank as you like.

MyLifeUNIT Artificial Seaweed Water Plants


Available here: amazon.com
A budget buy, these seaweed artificial water plants add a hint of green to your aqua world. These plants are made of non-toxic PVC material that will not contaminate the water of the fish tank.  The ceramic base keeps them placed firmly on the fish tank floor.
The soft leaves of these plants will not scratch the skin of the fish. If you are looking for freshwater aquarium decorations, these plants are an ideal pick. 

  • Ornaments

Aquarium ornaments are a fun way of making your aquarium look cool. Pick ornaments that go well with your theme or just pick some quirky ones.

Siger Aquarium Ornaments


Available here: amazon.com
If you are looking for unique and not large aquarium decorations then this resin ornament by Siger fits the bill perfectly. A tiny crocodile perched on a rock bed, with a sign that says ‘No Fishing’ above his head will make your fish tank lively. 
The ornament can be used both for saltwater and freshwater aquarium decorating. Its high-quality resin is pet friendly and the color does not fade away in the water. This piece has a heavy base and a flat bottom and it allows the ornament to stand erect in the fish tank.

  • Driftwood

Driftwood is a good idea if you have a nature-themed aquarium. It also acts as a good hiding place for small shy fish in the tank. If your driftwood does not sink well, you can drill a few holes in it to make it sink.

PIVBY Natural Aquarium Driftwood


Available here: amazon.com
These uniquely shaped driftwood pieces are durable and sturdy. You can also create a moss tree on this driftwood inside the tank. Nocturnal fish and smaller fish like driftwood for hiding. 

Hamiledyi Large Natural Driftwood Branches 


Available here: amazon.com
The light-weight and sturdy branches of this driftwood can be used for creating a moss tree while enhancing the aesthetics of the fish tank.

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