Feng Shui for Home: How Do Fish Bring Good Luck? – 2020


Do fish bring good luck?


Yes, they do.


Centuries-old traditions and ancient practices imply that keeping fish brings good luck. Many modern-day homeowners refer to Feng shui fish and Vastu fish guidelines to create positive and prosperous spaces.


We use these principles because they share overlapping fish symbology. They categorize lucky fish and teach you how to set up a Feng shui aquarium for wealth and happiness.


Here is everything you need to know about fish that bring good luck.




koi fish





Fish Symbology: Why Are Fish Good Luck for Feng Shui Homes & Vastu Homes?


Many ancient cultures have myths and legends surrounding fish symbology. They view these aquatic creatures as powerful beings that generate positivity and liveliness with its swift movements—Fishs in Feng Shui (air & water) and Vastu (dwelling) principles.


Feng Shui vs Vastu: What Is the Difference?


Feng shui practices stem from ancient Chinese traditions. It is a pseudoscientific practice that gives importance to natural elements (i.e. earth, fire, water, and air). It harmonizes their energy to ensure that their synergistic presence has a positive influence on our lives.


In contrast, Vastu Shastra is the ‘science of architecture’. Its origins lie in ancient Indian texts and scriptures where the house’s layout played a pivotal role in establishing the owner’s fate. These days, people use their rules to build homes that are full of good energy and happiness.


The use of fish as a lucky charm is amongst the many beliefs that overlap between these two practices.



What’s More?



Apart from these branches of pseudoscience, fish symbology is visible in Chinese text itself. Mandarin characters for fish (yu) has the same pronunciation as the word abundance and its synonym affluence. That is why the image of the fish evokes prosperity and success.


Besides this, the fishes’ behaviour and characteristics associated with good luck. For instance, their rapid reproduction, fast movements, and perseverance revered in Chinese culture. They see these qualities as a reflection of abundance, strength, and prosperity.


As a result, many people keep fish in homes, offices and other business areas for wealth and fortune.



Feng Shui Fish: Which Fish Are Good Luck for Homes?



Many different types of fish bring good luck. We have chosen the top five fish, frequently found in Feng shui and Vastu principles.


Have a look:



Are Koi Fish Good Luck?




Yes, koi fish is one of the luckiest fish, according to Feng shui practices. It holds this title due to the fish symbology and traditional beliefs associated with it.


Every variety of ornamental carp fish attracts positive energy. Fish in many vibrant colours. It includes yellow, blue, red, white, and black shades. Most koi fish paintings and Feng shui cures depict it in red-orange and white hues. That is why we can see much variety in pet shops and aquariums.


In Japanese culture, koi fish pond is a source of happiness, strength, and fortune. The friendly fish are also notable for their perseverance and resilience.


They are strong swimmers that can move against upstream currents. Due to this, Japanese and Chinese traditions depict it as one of the most potent and most muscular aquatic creatures in the world.


Additionally, two koi fish are a symbol of love and affection.


Overall, koi fish bring good luck by creating positive energy with its graceful movements and happy colours. Their presence is also a reminder for people never to give up and be courageous to overcome a strong tide.



How Many Koi Fish Bring Good Luck?




Generally, you will find nine koi fish inside a Feng shui aquarium. A good practice is to place eight vibrant coloured koi fish and one black koi fish inside the tank. The blackfish dispels bad energy to neutralize any misfortune that you might face in the future.


If you have a larger tank, we recommend adding koi fish in multiples of nine. Their presence and rapid movements will create an endless flow of positive energy. Symbolically, they would represent abundance and great wealth.



Does Arowana Fish Bring Good Luck?



Yes, it does.


Arowana is a symbol of great wealth and power. It also fills the home with love, happiness, and contentment. They are also known as the dragonfish, due to its appearance,


the Chinese associate it with the dragon symbol. Some even think that this species is a direct descendent of the mythical dragon. That is why it holds a coveted spot in our list of lucky fish. Cultural practices show that red Arowana fish is the most fortunate amongst other Arowana varieties.


Besides its remarkable features, its general behaviour represents good luck. That is primarily because this dominant fish grows very fast. Vastu traditions link it with the personal power and authority it brings to the owner.



How Many Arowana Fish Bring Good Luck?




Unlike koi fish, Arowana fish have illustrated alone in many Feng shui paintings and décor. Yet, its connection to the mythical dragon makes nine an auspicious number for owners.


Therefore, you should keep nine Arowana fish to symbolize the ancient legend about nine dragons.



Can Goldfish Bring Good Luck?




Yes, goldfish can bring great fortune and wealth for their owners. It is a hardy fish with vibrant energy. People view these characteristics as a symbol of positivity and growth. Its distinctive golden scales are a significant reason for is popularity.


Vastu traditions associate its colouring with actual gold, meaning that the fish brings good luck and prosperity wherever it goes. Its movements are similar to koi fish. They also produce positive energy around the aquarium.


Compared to koi fish, goldfish can survive in fish bowls and small tanks. That makes it an excellent substitute for anyone who does not have space for a larger Feng shui aquarium.



How many goldfish should you keep for good luck?




For the most part, the Feng shui numbers rule applies to the goldfish too. You should get eight goldfish (for good luck) and one blackmoor fish (as protection) for your aquarium.


If you have a smaller space, you can opt for two goldfish and one blackfish. That is because all multiples of three denote good luck in Feng shui traditions.



Do Other Fish Bring Good Luck?




Yes, there is much fish that have similar effects to lucky koi fish and dragonfish. 


Here are two other lucky fish that can bring good luck to your homes:




Flower Horn Fish



Flower Horn fish is an ornamental aquarium fish that is recognized by its hump-shaped head. It is a hybrid (or rather crossbreed) between Trimac cichlid (three spot cichlid) and red devil cichlids.


These species come in lots of vibrant and striking colours. Its black scales are a symbol of abundant wealth and fortune. At the same time, the other colours manage to create a happy and joyful environment in the owner’s home.


Like many Feng Shui and Vastu fish, the flower horn fish can bring good luck to your home by expelling bad energy and replacing it with positive energy.



Black Moor Goldfish




The Black Moor Goldfish is a unique species of goldfish that are native to Far East Asian regions. The fish bears a resembles its cousin, the golden goldfish. This aquatic animal’s distinctive black colour and relation to the lucky goldfish make it a lucky charm.


In ancient China, black moor goldfish is considered as a symbol of protection. We commonly place it with eight koi fish or Arowana fish in Feng Shui aquariums. That is because they balance the positive energy and also absorb any negative aura present inside the room.


As a protector fish, it is believed to sacrifice its life for the owner. (We discuss this aspect of Feng Shui and Vastu fish symbology in the next section.


On the whole, you can keep any one of these fish as your lucky charm. It all depends on your feasibility and availability. Always remember that no matter what you choose, you need to take good care of your fish. Their auspicious presence is closely linked with how well you treat them and take care of them.



How Do Fish Bring Good Luck?



As mentioned before, many ancient cultures and traditions consider fish as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Feng shui fish and Vastu fish, in particular, are kept as pets at home, offices, hotels and other places to attract wealth, prosperity, and fortune.


Here are a few different ways through which fish can bring good luck in homes:


They Generate Positive Energy 



According to old traditions, Feng shui aquariums function as powerful feng shui cures. Their strategic and careful placement can attract good vibes (i.e. wealth, prosperity, and abundance). Two essential variables come into play here.


First, fish themselves are life forces. They manage to create positive energy by moving the water around as they swim. They also appear to absorb negative vibes from their surroundings. It is why many people keep fish in the living room or bedrooms.


The second reason is that fish tanks and bowls manage to retain the ideal balance between many fundamental Feng shui factors.


These include all the elements of Nature from water, earth, fire, and air. It, in turn, draws in positive energy into your home and other living spaces.



  1. Fish Superstition about Bad Omens and Signs



Many people believe that your pet fish’s natural death is a sacrifice for your wellbeing. This fish superstition is backed by incidents when fishes have died without any external cause during or closer to significant events in their owner’s lives.


It is only justifiable if the fish did not die due to overfeeding, unhygienic conditions, or the lack of oxygen.


According to some traditions, their death shields you from evil eyes and tragic that might have happened. It is another way for Feng shui fish to bring good luck to your homes.


Note: It is essential to dispose of the dead fish after it passes away and replace it with a new one to restore positive energy.



  1. Good Karma



Karma is the sum of your actions that become a deciding factor in your fate. Good deeds generate good luck, while evil deeds are punished. Keeping a fish as a pet and taking proper care of these tiny beings is considered a good act.


Thereby, they generate good karma for you and your family.


  1. They Promote Your Mental Health and Wellbeing


Have you ever watched a fish tank while you were waiting at the dentist?


These little entertainers are more than décor. They are capable of prepping you for the appointment by ensuring that you stay cool, calm, and collected when you head to the doctor’s office. The same goes for other areas where you would find a small to large fish tank.


Aquatic pets have a significant impact on our brain health. They help improve our mood, memory, and other cognitive activities.


Scientific studies show that seniors who watch fish tanks (or fish swimming in the pond) regularly are calmer and more alert. Their fish watching activity decreases their ‘disruptive Alzheimer patterns’.


That is because this activity allows them to stay focused for a more extended period. Fish vibrant colours and swift water movements keep the watcher captivated.


These pets are equally beneficial for promoting calmness and tranquillity. Their mood-boosting capabilities manage to improve our emotional wellbeing by keeping stress and anxiety levels in check. Subsequently,


they decrease blood pressure and maintain healthy heart rates. All these effects lead to a healthier and happier mindset.

As the adage goes, ‘health is wealth’ which is why we can associate the health benefits of having fish as pets with its lucky presence. Even if you overlook these factors, you can’t deny that fish pets require low-key maintenance.


It is why they are great pets for people who can’t manage service dogs to assist them through their anxiety-ridden routines.


Overall, you don’t have to believe in fish symbology or fish superstitions to acquire good luck from these beautiful fish. Sometimes maintaining their health and taking care of them is sufficient enough for them to turn into your lucky charm. 

Friendly fish serve as a source of joy, happiness, and prosperity in the house.


Feng Shui for Homes: How Does Aquarium Bring Good Luck?



Ancient traditions consider water as an enigmatic and powerful source of life. Fish symbology uses this connection to bestow the water’s auspicious properties to aquatic creatures.


The inclusion of Feng shui and Vastu principles add another dimension to this concept. They say that water and fish can ensure that anyone how keeps a lucky fish will witness abundance in wealth and happy life.


When it comes to Feng shui aquariums, they are more than home decoration pieces. Traditionally, they function as effective Feng shui cures that gave the power to attract positive energy.


It, in turn, helps maintain good fortune and evade any negative energy around the house/location of the aquarium.


Some people believe that their presence increases the wealth Chi (energy) instead of maintaining it. It, however, is only possible if the owner takes proper care of the fish. Also, the placement of the Feng shui aquarium and its layout are equally important.


What Should You Keep Inside a Feng Shui Aquarium?


The balance between five wealth-attracting variables within Feng shui traditions is of utmost importance. They are as follows:


  • Water: Every aquarium needs clean and freshwater.
  • Wood:  You can add plants (with wooden stems) or wooden ornamental pieces.
  • Earth: You can incorporate ‘earth’ by adding small rocks, pebbles, and gravel inside the fish tank or fishbowl
  • Fire: The trickiest element on this list. You can add fire by selecting fish with bright and fiery colours (i.e. red koi fish or goldfish). Choosing orange lighting could also be an alternative to adding vibrant elements into your Feng shui aquarium.
  • Metal: We recommend buying a fish tank with a metal structure. It is a safe way to incorporate metal into your aquarium without harming the fish.

The balance between these properties ensures that your living spaces are full of positive and happy energies. Once the tank is ready, you may add nine (or multiple of three) fish into it.


Where Should You Place Your Feng Shui Aquarium?


According to Vastu and Feng Shui traditions, your aquarium’s ideal location is in the southeast corner of the room. Experts who teach Feng shui for home call it the Bagua area for wealth and riches.


This area amplifies energy associated with good fortune, and it draws in new opportunities for the owner.


Alternatively, you can place your Feng shui aquarium at an east-facing corner. This area will bring good luck to your family and health. In contrast, setting the aquarium in the room’s northern-facing area is beneficial for your professional life.


In short, do consider all the aspects of Feng shui for home before setting your fish tank.


The Verdict: Do Fish Bring Good Luck?


So do fish bring good luck?


If you believe in Feng shui and Vastu traditions, they will tell you that fish do bring good luck. That is why you should consider keeping a fish at your home or office.


You can choose between a low-maintenance goldfish, dragonfish to a prized koi fish. No matter what you choose, these fish are bound to bring some good luck your way.


Remember to follow the Feng shui aquarium rules to amplify the benefits of keeping these lucky charms at home.

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