Georgia Aquarium Atlanta – Complete Details to know – 2020

Located in Atlanta, Georgia Aquarium is the largest Aquarium globally with more than 100,000 myriad varieties of aquatic animals living in perfect harmony in about ten million gallons of water.It is a scientific institution that works towards educating both children and adults through various programs.


It is one of the best centers for marine research and animal care with a deep understanding of the underwater world.


They research developing novel methods of veterinary medicine and animal care. Besides this, it has numerous exciting shows and feature exhibits where you can see the magnificent sea creatures and touch them. The Aquarium’s main aim is to have a close association with oceans and promote the conservation of aquatic life.


You can purchase Georgia Aquarium tickets online or at the venue and get excellent places to stay nearby. So get ready to see some exceptional galleries, exciting shows and have creative encounters at this one-of-its-kind Georgia Aquarium Atlanta. 



Georgia Aquarium facts 




Here are some exciting and fun facts about this beautiful Aquarium that have made it one of the world’s most-visited aquariums.


  • Georgia Aquarium was made open to the public in November 2005 and had over one million guests within the first 100 days. It touched around 3.6 million guests in the first year itself.
  • It is one of the largest aquariums in the world, with over 10 million gallons of water.
  • The Guinness Book of World Records certified it to have the maximum number of sea animal species globally.
  • The largest exhibit in the Aquarium is the AT&T Dolphin Tales, with 1.8 million gallons and 84,000 square feet in area.
  • Deep, a Garibaldi damselfish, is the official mascot of the Georgia Aquarium. Found in the Cold Water Quest.
  • Georgia Aquarium Ocean Voyager is the most significant indoor aquatic habitat globally with 6.3 million gallons of water and around 50 different species.
  • River Scout is the only freshwater gallery of Georgia Aquarium with about 45,000 gallons of water.
  • Tropical Divers Pacific, a barrier reef habitat, is one of the most significant reef exhibits in the US.


What makes Georgia Aquarium special




georgia aquarium atlanta



What makes Georgia Aquarium special



If you live in the US or are visiting friends and family, a trip to Georgia Aquarium Atlanta is a must. It will acquaint you with tens of thousands of marine animals and educate you and your children about ocean life preservation.


You not only get to see and experience marine life here but also take back beautiful souvenirs from the Georgia Aquarium gift shop.


You can pick up a Georgia Aquarium hoodie or get unique, stylized mugs for yourself and your loved ones and many other gifts. Here are some of the reasons why you should visit this Aquarium.


Exciting Events at Georgia Aquarium 



Georgia Aquarium Atlanta has an active event calendar with specials shows, exhibits, and programs all through the year.


From having adult-only Science on Tap series where education mixed with food and drinks to have an annual Fish & Chips golf tournament, 

an initiative to raise money for the Aquarium, and sleepovers where you can spend a night at the Aquarium.


There is always something special that is sure to pique your interest.


  • Make your special day unique.  


Watching the regular shows and encounters with the sea beasts, you can spend your special events here.


Have you heard of having a wedding with the backdrop of fish, corals, and much more? Now you can have that dream wedding as Georgia Aquarium hosts events like weddings, birthdays, meetings, and other unique dos for you and your loved ones.


You can get a detailed breakdown of the Georgia Aquarium wedding cost on the official website.


  • Georgia Aquarium volunteer programs


For those interested in contributing towards the aquatic world and doing your bit for society, you can enroll for Georgia Aquarium internships and volunteer programs planned through the year in 30 different departments.


So if you have a passion for conservation and empathy towards marine life, Georgia Aquarium is the place for you to be. You can also apply for Georgia Aquarium careers and jobs on their official website.


  • Special discounts


Georgia Aquarium prices are affordable, with many packages and discounts available.


For instance, you can avail of huge discounts to the most expensive shows and events if you book online or even arrive at the venue between 11 and 4 pm. For instance, military personnel can avail themselves of a special Georgia Aquarium Military discount.


It is valid on Mondays between January and October. Similarly, some freebies for members, too, do all your research before picking up the tickets. Compared to the number of things there are to do and see, the Georgia Aquarium cost is entirely justified.



Georgia Aquarium Admission



The Georgia Aquarium tickets are relatively easy and simple to procure. All you have to do is fill in the date and timing with the number of guests visiting and pay up the amount.


There are Georgia Aquarium discount tickets as low as 15$. It would help if you looked at Georgia Aquarium Groupon for better deals and packages.


  • The cost of a regular ticket for adults between the age group 13 to 64 years is $32.95, for children between ages 3 to 12 years is $28.95, and for senior citizens above 65 years is $30.95.
  • All the Georgia Aquarium price tickets are at 30% after 4 pm. Also, if you book a parking slot and the access, an additional amount of $12 is to be paid, but the tickets’ price gets reduced. There are many discounted packages for bigger groups and families. You can also avail Georgia Aquarium student discount after showing requisite age proof.
  • If you buy an Atlanta CityPASS, the Georgia Aquarium ticket prices  40% or more on admission. The price for the city pass tickets is adults 13+: $77 plus tax ($139 value) and children 3-12: $63 plus tax ($112 value). The Aquarium also offers an Anytime Pass that allows wone time entry ticket to the Aquarium at any time within a year of the purchase priced at $45.95 + tax. Besides this, you can avail yourself be huge Georgia Aquarium discounts through an annual pass that gives entry to the venue at any time of the year.
  • Georgia Aquarium membership allows you and your family discounted prices for all-new adventures, shows, and programs. With all these discounts you can pay make up for the membership cost in just two visits. Being a member gives you access to some special member-only events too.


You also get Georgia Aquarium coupons that can be added to the tickets’ price and get many additional benefits like food and beverages. Check the official Georgia Aquarium website for any new discounts and packages.



Regular Shows



georgia aquarium regular shows


Regular Shows



Georgia Aquarium organizes daily shows exhibiting the natural talents of sea animals. Here is a list of the shows that will keep you regaled and in awe of these beautiful marine creatures. Many of the shows are recorded at the Georgia Aquarium through the live cam and screened online.


  • Georgia Aquarium dolphin show 


In this 15 minute presentation, you will be able to witness the intelligence and grace of Dolphins as they swim around the pool of water with a trained expert leading the way. The price of the tickets is $ 5.


  • 4D Theater


Feel one with the aquatic world in this 4D theater presentation that combines the highest quality 3D HD projection along with special effects. You can relish the unique special effects as you settle into the interactive seats.


So get ready to feel the waves and dance with the Georgia Aquarium dolphins. The price for this show includes in the general admission ticket.


  • Waddle Walk


Watch the endangered species of African Penguins as they walk across the Aquarium’s central Atrium.


The walk also includes an info-session where you learn about these penguins and also get a chance to see them up close as a trainer picks them up, getting them right next to you. The price for this show includes the general Georgia Aquarium admission price.


  • Under the Broadwalk


Watch the magnificent California sea lions in this 30-minute show, where these elegant creatures flaunt all their moves. You can get a little closer to these playful creatures as you sit in the splash zone and get a little wet with them. The price of this show includes the general admission fee.


  • Virtual Reality Simulator


Have a fun ride with prehistoric marine life as you sit in the virtual simulator ride that transports you back in time. The VR goggles and a motion-rocking VR Transporter gives you both the sight and feel of the real aquatic world. The price for this show is $9 for members and $11 for non-members.


Special Encounters and Experiences


If you are more adventurous and want to get close to these magnificent sea creatures, the Aquarium has plenty of exciting interactive programs. Get ready for some nail-biting adventure.


Animal Encounters


Get up, close, and personal with some of the fascinating resident animals at the Georgia Aquarium. The aim is to provide an educational, engaging, and adventurous experience in the most interactive way.


Gear up in a wetsuit and dive into the gallery, and feel these beautiful sea creatures swim around you.


You can feed them and take pictures too. Also, learn about their habitat, conservation, and care behind the scenes look at the shark world. There are many such encounters including-


  • Shark and Ray Interaction


Witness the deadly Georgia Aquarium whale sharks and rays as they swim around you in this adventurous program. The tickets are priced at non-members: $154.95 and members: $139.95.


  • Dolphin encounter


Meet one of the most intelligent sea animals, the penguins, in this program. Touch and feed them and also learn how to take care of them. The tickets are priced at members: $63.95 and non-members: $69.95.


  • Georgia Aquarium penguins encounter


In this 30- minute program, you can learn a lot about these gentle creatures and their habitats. You can also pet them and get a professional picture clicked as a memory. The tickets are priced at members: $58.95 and non-members: $64.95.


  • Georgia Aquarium Otters encounter


In this 30-minute interactive session, you go behind the scene, meet the charismatic animal, make its food, and participate in the training session. The tickets are priced at non-members: $69.95 and members: $62.9.


  • Sea Lion Encounter


Enjoy yourselves with these playful creatures in a 30-minute interactive session. You can learn more about their training, eating habits, and conservation too. The tickets are priced at members: $62.95 and non-members: $69.95.


  • Seal Encounter


Know more about seals, get a chance to pet them, and work with a trainer learning about their habitat, feeding, and conservation.


  • Georgia Aquarium beluga whales interaction 


Spend time with these Arctic beauties as you get into the pool with them. Also, learn about their environment and conservation through an educational presentation.


Each program has individual specifications in terms of age and height,  



Georgia Aquarium diving encounters



Get ready to face the real adventure as you swim with some of the deadliest sea creatures. From sharks, whales to manta rays and more, you will be able to swim around them and watch them live in their natural habitat. There are three different programs for this deadly feat, including –


  • Dive with Gentle Giants


In this program of Georgia Aquarium scuba diving, you will dive into the world of sharks, manta rays, and thousands of other creatures and get a sneak peek into their life. The ticket prices are – members: $279.95 and non-members: $333.95.


  • Swim with Gentle Giants


In this Georgia Aquarium program, you get to swim with whale sharks, manta rays, and many other species. It 

is priced at – members: $189.95 and non-members: $233.95.




  • Shark Cage Dive


georgia aquarium shark cage





  • Shark Cage Dive



Get ready to have a close-up encounter with deadly sharks in this unique program. You can see these mean sea beasts at the Georgia Aquarium shark exhibit and if you have the adventure and spark in you, dive into their space, but of course, with trainers and all precautions in place.


The tickets are available for members: $189.95 and non-members: $233.95.


Behind the seas tours



If you want to see some galleries from backstage, you must go in for this tour as it shows what goes on behind the scenes of some of the most popular exhibits. It gives you a chance to be closer to the animals and get a topside view of the galleries. This tour is priced at members: $13.50 and non-members: $15.00.






Are you ready to have some fun at the Aquarium in the after-hours? There is a particular booking for both children and adults on an exciting night of adventure.


Where you enter the Aquarium at 6 pm and spend the entire night and the next day there, your ticket gets you entry to all the presentations, a bedtime snack, breakfast, tours, and activities along with a sleeping spot in front of your favorite gallery window.


So get ready for a night full of adventure and fun with Georgia Aquarium animals. The prices will vary depending on the category of entry, such as Groups and family, boy scouts, girl scouts, and more.



Georgia Aquarium visual tour through the virtual medium



If you like to do a virtual tour of a Georgia Aquarium virtual field trip is just what you want.


The Aquarium has started streaming live videos of the Indo-Pacific Barrier Reef’s gigantic sea lions, the endangered African Penguins, beluga whales, sea otters, and many more.


You can watch these amazing sea creatures, relish a Georgia Aquarium whale shark dive or watch the Georgia Aquarium jellyfish swimming through the reefs sitting in the comfort of your home and learn more about their habitat, eating habits, and more.


There are daily and weekly living streaming events being brought to you through Georgia Aquarium cam for you and your kids to enjoy and learn at the same time. 



Special events planned at the Aquarium



Imagine celebrating special days like birthdays, weddings, and others with your close family and friends in a unique setting like the Georgia Aquarium. Isn’t that just fantastic!


  • Birthday parties


You can plan a birthday bash for your child with an aquatic theme, wherein a coordinator will plan the entire event for you. Have special screenings, arrange for eats and decorations, and even have customized gifts for everyone. He can also arrange for a sleepover for all the guests at an extra cost if you want.


  • Georgia Aquarium wedding


Say your vows amidst magnificent sea creatures and azure blue waters, the unique way to get married. Have a party with humans and sea animals, dancing alongside. Enjoy a hearty meal planned by Wolfgang Puck and make your big day one of the most memorable ones in your life.


  • Special Events


Host a dinner for your work colleagues or have a gala family meet at Georgia Aquarium, where sea animals will surround you. Events hosted in the beautiful Oceans Ballroom with spectacular backdrops and delicious food.


  • Meetings


Change your ‘bored’ meetings to fun ‘board’ meetings in the Georgia Aquarium’s unique setting. Let the creativity flow and collaboration be seamless as you redefine the concept of sessions.


One can help the staff creating team building ideas, games, visual aids, and more. So it’s time to have some fun at the dreaded meetings and let the creative juices flow.


  • Georgia Aquarium special events for puppies


In an attempt to do something unique and special, Georgia Aquarium recently partnered with the Atlanta Humane Society to give two puppies a day full of fun at the Aquarium with new aquatic friends.


The Aquarium keeps having these novel ventures, making it a special place to visit for humans and other animals.


Hotels near Georgia Aquarium 


It can take many days to explore the Georgia Aquarium thoroughly. Hence, it is advisable to book a hotel close to the Aquarium for an easy commute.


Here is a list of different categories of Georgia Aquarium hotels that you can stay in comfortably. You can also avail of the Georgia Aquarium hotel package, which includes entry to the Aquarium and some events.


  1. The Ritz Carlton Atlanta


Just a few minute’s walks from Georgia Aquarium, The Ritz Carlton is luxury personified. With modern glamor being its essence, this hotel is the best bet to stay if you have the money and want to live in style. Priced at $550+ taxes, it is the right choice for the kind of luxury it provides. Prices are subject to change. For the latest prices, please click here.


  1. Lowes Atlanta


Located in the heart of Midtown, near Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Lowes is a premier choice for someone wanting to spend a luxurious few days while exploring Georgia Aquarium.


It has individual rooms as well as suites, all decorated in the most contemporary manner. All the amenities and facilities of a luxury hotel are available here, including spa services, a fitness center, and much more.


Food is impeccable with numerous cuisines. Priced at $432 +taxes, this is an excellent choice for you to splurge on luxury. Prices are subject to change. 


  1. Hilton Atlanta


Located in downtown Atlanta’s heart, The Hilton is a common choice for anyone wanting to visit Georgia Aquarium. It is decently priced at $330+taxes per night and offers excellent food and spacious rooms with all the necessary amenities of a four-star hotel like a fitness center, conference halls, outdoor games, and more. Prices are subject to change. 


  1. Home2 Suites by Hilton Atlanta


Homely hotel is very close to Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, GA, on the edge of Centennial Olympic Park. It has a rustic appeal to it with quaint yet modern suites with minimalistic decor, a functional kitchen, and an ergonomic workspace. Priced at $290+ taxes per night, it makes for a good staying option while in Atlanta. Prices are subject to change. 


  1. Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta


Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta near Georgia Institute of Technology and Centennial Olympic Park and a few minutes walk to Georgia Aquarium.


This budget hotel is aptly priced for all those on a tight budget but wants a comfortable place. It caters to all the necessary facilities of television, air conditioning, conveniences, and room service.


You can have a fantastic time at the hotel without making a hole in your wallet. Prices are subject to change.



Where is Georgia Aquarium



Georgia Aquarium location is ideal for tourists in the city center with many hotels. It is located at 225 Baker Street, across the street from the north end of Centennial Olympic Park.


It is about a 1 5 minute drive from Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport. It is a 10-15 minute walk from the Philips Arena/Dome/GWCC/CNN Center Station on the Blue/Green line.


It takes the same amount of time from the Peachtree Center Stations or Civic Center on the Red/Gold line. If you want to take a bus to the Aquarium, take it from the Civic Center MARTA bus station and Five Points MARTA station using Route 32.



Parking facilities



Georgia Aquarium Atlanta provides parking secure parking. Address 357 Luckie Street, NW, Atlanta, GA 30313. The official deck can accommodate 1,600 vehicles. 

All the parking spaces are covered and well-lit.


They are secure, too, as the Georgia Aquarium parking has a webcam located at many places monitoring all activities. You can pay for the parking online to ensure that you get a slot and carry along a print of the pre-paid parking ticket. The price of the ticket is $10 for members and $12ri for non-members.



Georgia Aquarium hours



Georgia Aquarium is open on all 365 days of the year between 9.00 am, and 5.00 pm from Monday to Thursday and between 8.00 am and 7.00 pm between Friday and Sunday. There are particular timings. You can contact them on the official Georgia Aquarium phone number -+1-404-581-4000 for any queries.


Other attractions in the vicinity


Besides visiting the gorgeous Georgia Aquarium, there are many other attractions in Atlanta. One should not miss those.


Make a trip to the World of Coca-Cola and unearth the story of the world’s most popular beverage brand. Visit the National Center for Civil and Human Rights that showcases exhibits on the American Civil Rights Movement and today’s Global Human Rights Movements.


It has a collection of personal papers and items of Dr.Martin Luther King also. All those with small children should also plan a trip to the Atlanta Magic Theater and relish some mind-boggling sleight-of-hand magic. It has a 75-minute stage show performed by a world-famous magician- Peter Morrison.




Exceptional galleries, adventurous animal encounters, fun shows e should and unique experiences best describe Georgia Aquarium Atlanta.


It is one of the best aquariums in the world with a sea of fabulous things to do and see. It is not only a regular aquarium with fun and glamour attached to it but also serves as an educational and learning platform for those interested in this field.


Georgia Aquarium raises awareness amongst people about the ocean and aquatic conservation through its learning sessions and numerous volunteer programs. So if you plan a trip to Atlanta, definitely visit this one-of-its-kind Aquarium. You will be amazed by what you experience.



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