Sea Life Aquarium Orlando – A haven for aquatic life!

Established in 1979, the Sea Life Aquarium is a chain of marine-life themed attractions spread across the world. There are about 50 aquariums, 2 sanctuaries with more than 180,000 sea animals living in it amicably.
These aquariums include standalone Sea Life centers and also a part of resort theme parks and Legoland submarine ride. Merlin Entertainments, a British Company owns all the aquariums.
Sea of life aquarium Orlando is the eighth Sea Life location in the US and the 50th in the world. It has more than 5,000 magnificent marine creatures making it their home, including colorful jellyfish, seahorses, and more.
It has dazzling exhibits showcasing the deadly sharks, glittering varieties of fish, and a lot more animals. All the exhibits are interactive and fun, providing a great learning experience for visitors.  
Visitors get a fine mix of education, entertainment and conservation here with many programs planned every year. The main mission of the aquarium is to conserve marine life and to educate people about their environment.
They have a three-pronged approach towards conservation – protect, breed and rescue. Many rehabilitation programs run at the aquarium with funds being raised from the public. The Sea Life Aquarium Orlando also offers educational programs to school and college children.
Besides that, the aquarium rents out spaces for events like birthdays, weddings and meetings. It also has special events and encounters where visitors can have close encounters with sea animals. You can get all the information about it here
So dive into a sea of adventure at the Sea Life Aquarium in Orlando, and come face-to-fin with the wondrous marine life.

How big is Sea Life Aquarium?

Sea Life Aquarium Orlando, Florida has 25,000 square-foot of indoor area with a  360° underwater ocean tunnel, more than 30 fascinating displays.

Sea Life Aquarium locations

The aquarium is spread across the globe on different continents, from UK Asia to Germany, Europe, the North America, Australia and New Zealand. So if you are in any one of these continents you must definitely visit the aquarium.
You can check out Sea Life Aquarium near me from the website to get the exact address of the locations. Here is the list of some of the popular branches of the aquarium:

In Asia

Sea Life Aquarium Busan
Sea Life Aquarium Singapore
Sea Life Aquarium Istanbul

In America

Sea Life Aquarium San Diego
Sea Life Aquarium Legoland California
Sea Life Aquarium Arizona Mills
Sea Life Aquarium Dallas Texas
Sea Life Aquarium Fort Worth
Sea Life Aquarium Detroit
Sea Life Aquarium New Jersey
Sea Life Aquarium Hawaii
Sea Life Aquarium Las Vegas
Sea Life Aquarium Michigan
Sea Life Aquarium North Carolina
Sea Life Aquarium Kansas City Missouri
Sea Life Aquarium San Antonio
Sea Life Aquarium Mall of America


Sea Life Aquarium Rome


Sea Life Aquarium Australia
Sea Life Aquarium Sunshine Coast
Sea Life Aquarium Melbourne 


Sea Life Aquarium London
Sea Life Aquarium Brighton
Sea Life Aquarium Loch Lomond
Speciality of Sea Life Aquarium
Sea Life Aquarium Orlando, is not just a regular aquarium with just exhibits and a variety of sea animals. It is an entire ecosystem that thrives within the environs of the aquarium.
It is an educational hub for visitors as well as an entertaining arena with thousands of sea animals working as artists. Let’s find out what makes the aquarium stand out from the rest.

  1. Sea Life Aquarium YouTube



  1. Coupons for Sea Life Aquarium

Sea Life Aquarium coupons are available through many avenues. You can get them through trusted vendors such as Sea Life Aquarium Groupon. They provide packages with discounted tickets and more.
Some of the Sea Life Aquarium Orlando coupons also offer tickets to special events and shows. Once you buy the coupon, all you have to do is give the Sea Life Aquarium promo code or the Sea Life Aquarium coupon code at the entrance and you can avail of all the benefits.
If you are at Sea Life Aquarium in Grapevine Texas, you can get some amazing offers so quickly grab the Sea Life Aquarium Grapevine coupons from a renowned vendor and avail the benefits.

  1. Sea Life Aquarium discounts

If you are in Orlando then a visit to the aquarium is a must. To grab the best Sea Life Aquarium tickets you must book them online. Sea Life Aquarium discount tickets are available in a combination form with other features.
You can get similar discounts at other aquariums too including, Sea Life Aquarium phoenix, Sea Life Aquarium charlotte, Sea Life Aquarium Michigan and others.

  • Discounts for Florida resident

If you are a local you get special discounts on entry. All you need to do is carry a valid proof of Florida residency. For an adult, the price is $24.95 and for a child, it is $19.95.

  • Sea Life Aquarium teacher discount

If you are a teacher, you can get massive discounts on tickets. Get a Teacher Pass and plan field trips for your class. You need to show a photo id card for it. However, this pass does not include admission to the Legoland Florida Water Park. You can upgrade it for $49.99 + tax at Legoland Florida Resor

  1. Sea Life Aquarium homeschool week

Every year, the aquarium keeps one week for homeschool families wherein they are offered up to 60% off on tickets. You will need some forms to prove you are homeschooling your child such as:

  • A membership card from MACHE, ECHO-MN, MHA, or other homeschool groups
  • A copy of your “Letter of Intent to Continue Homeschooling”
  • A copy of your “Initial Report to Superintendent” 


  1. Sea Life Aquarium mermaids

Be enthralled and mystified by the beautiful mermaids swimming in some of the exhibits during a special show with sea turtles, sharks and other sea creatures.

Sea Life Aquarium admission

Tickets for Sea Life Aquarium are best bought online as they are much cheaper. Here are some of the popular ticket combinations:

  • Sea Life & VIP Photo Downloads – $27.50 for adult and $22.50 for children between 3 and 12 years
  • Sea Life + Madame Tussauds + The Wheel – $49.95 for Adult and $44.95 for children between 3-12 years
  • Sea Life – $25.50 for adult and $20.50 for children between 3-12 years
  • Combination SL + MT – $39.95 for adult and $34.95 for children between 3-12 years

Sea Life Aquarium ticket prices are slightly lesser for residents of Florida. They are available at about 15% discount. Besides that there are special Sea Life Aquarium prices for teachers and members too.
You can also get entry to Sea Life Aquarium Legoland and Sea Life Aquarium Ridgmar Mall through some discounted package. Check out the official website for any such offers. 

Group bookings

If you are traveling in a group, go ahead with purchasing group tickets as they will work out to be cheaper. There are good discounts for organized groups including, family groups, church groups, YMCA, travel groups and more.

  • For a Youth Group

1 attraction – $14.50 and one free ticket for every 10 bought
2 attractions – $21.50 and one free ticket for every 10 bought

  • For Adult Group

1 attraction – $18.00 and one free ticket for every 10 bought
2 attractions – $28.50 and one free ticket for every 10 bought

Sea Life Aquarium membership

Become a member at the aquarium paying $60 per person and enjoy a host of Sea Life Aquarium services for an entire year.

  • Unlimited admission to the aquarium for one year
  • 50% off on entry to Madame Tussauds Orlando
  • 25% discount on tickets for Friends and Family at the aquarium as well as Madame Tussaud’s Orlando. This is valid for up to 4 guests.
  • 40% discount on Behind the Scenes tours
  • 10% discount on photography packages
  • 10% discount at any purchase from the gift shop
  • Exclusive pop badge collectibles

You can enhance your experience by purchasing another membership at $169.99 per person. It would include:

  • Unlimited admission to the aquarium, Madame Tussauds Orlando, Legoland Florida Resort, Legoland Florida Water Park and Legoland Discovery Center Atlanta for one year
  • More than 40% discount on Behind the Scenes tours
  • Free from blackout dates
  • Discounts on purchases from the gift shop, eatables, Legoland Hotel stays
  • Free parking at any of the attractions
  • Entry to members-only events


Sea Life Aquarium gift shop

Take back sweet memories of your trip to the aquarium with some special souvenirs and gifts. Sea Life Aquarium store has a wide range of things to procure, from hats, t-shirts, postcards to soft toys.


Sea Life Aquarium
Be mesmerized by the aquatic animals in all their glory as you visit the beautiful exhibits. From the graceful jellyfish to the royal seahorses and the beastly sharks,
you will find a wide range of sea animals living happily in their world. So get ready for a day of adventure exploring all the wonderful exhibits and get a closer look at these magnificent creatures.

  1. Ocean Caves

Watch some of the prettiest tropical fish in this cave of beauty.

  1. Jelly Wall

Watch iridescent jelly wash swish around in a tank-filled with water. Watch them catch prey in their  venomous tentacles and live harmoniously with all the other creatures. 

  1. Shipwreck

Be a part of the scary-looking exhibit that looks like a shipwreck where suddenly you see sharks darting across the exhibit in search of food or sting rays looking around for prey.

  1. 360 Ocean Tunnel

Sea Life Aquarium
Walk through a tunnel of water with thousands of colorful fish swimming all around you, making you feel like a mermaid in water. From the deadly sharks and stingrays to the pretty corals, seahorses and more. Get completely immersed in this magical underwater world.

  1. Stingray Cove

Did you know that there are more than 500 species of rays and skate in rivers and oceans. Watch them in their cove as they wade through the water and observe their behaviour. Learn more about them through the educational talks given by experts.

  1. Coastal Rockpool

Sea Life Aquarium
Rockpools are essentially made from the water that remains when the tide recedes. These shallow pools of water have a lot of life in them such as sea anemone, crabs and starfish. Watch these tiny aquatic beings through a colorful exhibit and learn more about their life.

  1. Axolotls

Watch these unique amphibians that resemble a salamander but have lungs along with gills. Their most remarkable feature is the self-healing power that helps them to regrow a limb if lost. Learn more about this endangered species and its habitat at the aquarium. 

  1. Everglades

Watch the fish thriving in the Everglades- the fishiest part of Florida, from largemouth bass, peacock bass and many more.

Talks and Feeding

The Sea Life Aquarium is as much as an entertainment hub as it is an educational platform. The main endeavor of the aquarium is to make individuals aware of the different species of sea creatures around them and ways to conserve them. Keeping this in mind, it holds educational talks and feeding demonstrations.
They also have interactive dive shows in the ocean habitats, where you can see the divers interact with the animals and learn how to take care of them.Some of the dive shows are
Indian Ocean, Shark Shipwreck and Pacific Ocean. Each show has a feeding time along with a talk on the habitat and conservation of the animals.

Close encounters and experiences

If you are looking for more adventure, take one of the tours at the aquarium. In these tours you will be able to see the animals and may be feed and touch them too.
Watch what goes on behind the scenes, how the animals are fed and how the expert guides train some of these sea creatures.

  1. Behind the Scenes Tour Experience

Pay up for a 25-minute Behind the Scenes Tour where you are taken on a guided trip of some of the exhibits and see what actually happens. From the way water is filtered to how the food is prepared and much more.
You can also get a bird’s eye view of the deadly sharks and stingrays as you walk above the ocean habitats. You could also touch some of these friendly sea creatures as you tour the place.

  1. Discovery Experience

Pay $15 per person in this interactive tour where you go behind the scenes to see how the sea animals are fed, the exhibit is cleaned and also have an opportunity to meet an aquarist and scuba diver.
You can also witness animal feeding and may be if you are lucky get to feed one of the creatures. So brace yourself for this experience of a lifetime.

Celebrate your birthday in style

This year celebrate your birthday in a unique way with sea animals. This jawsome birthday party has many packages that includes games, refreshments and entry to the aquarium. Some of the popular packages are:

  1. Jellyfish Package

It costs $300 + taxes and it includes:

  • Up to 25 guests
  • Admission
  • 1 hour use of themed Party Room
  • A host to help with the party
  • Games
  • Birthday eats


  1. Shark Package

It costs $375+ taxes and it includes:

  • Up to 25 guests
  • Admission
  • 1 hour use of themed Party Room
  • 2 hosts to help with the party
  • Fun games & crafts
  • Birthday refreshments
  • A special appearance by the aquarium mascot – Magnus the Shark


  1. Diver Package

Its costs $450+taxes and includes:

  • Up to 25 guests
  • Admission to the aquarium
  • 1.5 hours use of themed Party Room
  • 2 hosts to help with the party
  • Fun games & crafts
  • Birthday eats
  • Special birthday shout-out during the dive show
  • A special appearance by the aquarium mascot, Magnus the Shark


Jobs at the aquarium

If you love marine creatures and have a desire to do something for them, join the team at the aquarium. They are always on the lookout for die-hard marine life lovers who have the dedication and the enthusiasm to make a difference.
From marine biologists to divers and front desk staff, the aquarium is ready to take anybody who has a love for marine life. Look for the latest openings on the website. 

What time does Sea Life Aquarium open

Sea Life Aquarium hours are long from 11am – 5pm between Monday and Friday and from 11am and 6 pm on weekends. To know about any changes to Sea Life Aquarium Orlando hours, check their website.

Sea Life Aquarium jobs

If you are a marine life enthusiast and want to work at the aquarium, there are always a lot of opportunities. From administration, finance to guest experience, diving expert, aquarist, curator and more. Check out the website for the current openings.

Where is Sea Life Aquarium?

Sea Life Aquarium address is 8449 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819. It is located on International Drive in the ICON Park Complex. If you are living on International Drive you can walk down to the aquarium.
You can check out the Sea Life Aquarium map available on the website to know the exact location or you can call the Sea Life Aquarium phone number, which is +1 407-270-8610.
If you are flying into Orlando, then the aquarium is about 15 minutes by car. There are buses, trolleys and trains available too.
 Sea Life Aquarium directions by car: There are three ways to reach the aquarium – from the West, East and from Legoland. You can get detailed directions from here.
If you are taking a train, the closest station is Sand Lake Road station, which is about 7 miles from the venue. You can also take a trolley – the Red Line Northbound Stop: 17 or Green Line Southbound Stop: G9.
If you are commuting by bus, take the Lynx bus on the International Drive on links 8, 38, 42, 50, 58 and 111.

 Sea Life Aquarium parking

Follow the directions to Sea Life Aquarium and enjoy free parking off Universal Boulevard, which is just a few minutes from the venue.

 Hotels near Sea Life Aquarium

Orlando is a hub of tourist spots with people coming from all over the globe to visit this city and enjoy a fun-filled holiday. Accommodation is never a challenge here with many great options available.
In fact, there are amazing hotels in all budget ranges near Sea Life Aquarium Orlando, making your commute to the venue fast and easy. Please note that the prices are subject to change so check with the hotel for the latest updates.

  1. Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld

Live like royalty at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld with large rooms, grand decor and impeccable service. Located just a few minutes away from Sea Life Aquarium Florida, this hotel is the perfect choice for those who can splurge on accommodation. It is priced at $140 per night.

2. La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Orlando 

Located about one kilometer from the aquarium, this hotel is the best place to feel at home. Rooms are decorated to look like your bedroom and the staff is as warm and hospitable as any family member would be.
So come and make this place your home for as long as you are in Orlando without spending too much. It is priced at $105 per night.

  1. Sonesta ES Suites Orlando – International Drive

Located centrally, this hotel is ideal for those wanting to see all the main attractions in Orlando, including the aquarium, the Orlando Eye, Walt Disney World Theme Parks and Universal Orlando.
Equipped with all the facilities and many dining options and comfortable rooms, the Sonesta ES Suites Orlando is a great budget hotel. It is priced at $95 per night.

  1. The Floridian Hotel and Suites

Located conveniently one block from International Drive, the hotel is only a minute’s drive from the aquarium and many other attractions too. With an array of rooms available, from standard rooms to junior suites,
The Floridian Hotel and Suites offer all the modern facilities along with an outdoor swimming pool and more. Priced at $65 per night, it is a steal for the facilities offered.

5. Best Western International Drive – Orlando

This Mediterranean style hotel with lush landscaping, king size rooms and many dining options, makes it a great place to stay. Located just a kilometer from the aquarium, commuting to and fro is not a problem either.
Priced at $50 per night, it is a pocket-friendly option for those on a shoe-string budget.

 Restaurants near the Sea Life Aquarium Orlando

Walking around the aquarium the entire day will surely get you hungry. Don’t worry, there are some great places to catch a bite and all within a one kilometer radius from the venue.
Be it a luxury sit down meal or a on-the-go burger, here are some of the best places to find some good grub.

  1. Yard House – An upscale sports bar with some great food choices
  2. Tin Roof Orlando – Enjoy some great food at reasonable price with upbeat music and amazing decor
  3. Lisbon – Relish some delicious Portuguese cuisine
  4. Tony Roma’s – Best place to have pork ribs
  5. Tapa Toro – Renowned for Spanish cuisine. Must try the paella, a traditional Spanish dish made of rice, vegetables, and meat or seafood.


Other attractions in the vicinity

Orlando is a must-visit city if you are in the United States. It has a lot of fun things to do and places and monuments to see.
It is a city with a plethora of options for all age groups, from theme parks, historical monuments to gardens and more. You will be spoilt for choice here. These are some of the top choices whilst you are in the city.

  1. Walt Disney World Parks
  2. Universal Theme Parks
  3. DIscovery COve
  4. Volcano Bay
  5. Kennedy Space Center
  6. Orlando Science Center
  7. Leu Gardens
  8. The Wheel at ICON Park
  9. Lake Eola Park
  10. Old Town


 Sea Life Aquarium Orlando reviews

Sea Life Aquarium Orlando is a fun place to spend a day with your family with the beautiful sea creatures all around you. It is a great learning portal for children and adults too.
You can simply watch the animals or even have close up close encounters with them. For all those who want to work with aquatic creatures can apply for internships and jobs or do some volunteer work. With so much to see and learn, the aquarium is one of the top-favorite places to be for millions of people.
A testimony to it is in the form of Sea Life Aquarium reviews seen on trusted portals like Tripadvisor and others. Read the reviews of people who have visited the aquarium and learn more about their experiences.


Dive deep into an underwater world of wonder at the Sea Life Aquarium Orlando and soak up the magnificent views from all the different exhibits featuring thousands of different fish species.
Enjoy a breathtaking view from the only 360-degree underwater tunnel, where deadly sharks and stingrays swim above you while beautiful seahorses and jellyfish float around next to you.
For the more adventurous sports, get up, close and personal with some of the inmates in the up-close tours.
Learn more about these mysterious aquatic beings in the behind the scene tours. Spend time with a trainer and know more about their feeding habits and also their conservation.
 For all those who want to contribute towards marine life, indulge in volunteer work or take up a job at the aquarium. There are many openings offered at all times.
So get ready for an action-packed day at the Sea Life Aquarium and make memories of a lifetime!

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