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Want to see dolphins walk on water and killer whales soaring through the air? Welcome to a haven for all sea animals- Miami Seaquarium! Spread across 38 acres of tropical paradise,
it is one of the most popular aquariums in the United States. With state-of-the-art exhibits showcasing thousands of sea animal species, this marine-mammal park is a class apart.
Started in 1950, it is one of the oldest aquariums in the United States and has been reinventing itself ever since.
Today, it is one of the most popular aquariums in the country with sea animals galore, entertaining shows, close animal encounters and special summer camps for children – making it both an entertainment arena and an educational hub.
Watch sea lions entertain the crowds with their walk, dolphins do tricks and endangered sea turtles relaxing in their natural habitat here.
Indulge in hands-on experience with Miami Seaquarium animals as you meet one of the world’s most intelligent mammals, dolphins at the Dolphin Harbor or feed the smaller fish and penguins at the Penguin Isle. Trek underwater through a living reef and come face-to-face with some of the crowning glories of the oceans.
Go behind the scenes to learn how all the animals are kept, trained and fed and if marine life interests you, sign up for volunteer work.
There are many job openings too. Check out the official website for more information.. You can also get the latest updates on shows and events on the Miami Seaquarium Facebook page..
It has information about Miami Seaquarium prices and hours along with interesting Miami Seaquarium pictures and more.
So get ready for a day of fun and education for you and your family at this oasis of aquatic wonder 

Facts about the aquarium

Here some of the interesting and must-know things about the aquarium so you are well-equipped before you go to this paradise on earth.

  1. Miami Seaquarium weather 

It is usually balmy with light winds all through the year. So you can visit the aquarium at any time and you are sure to enjoy it.

  1. Who owns Miami Seaquarium?

Found red D. Coppock and Captain W.B. established the aquarium in 1955 and it was the largest aquarium in the world at that time. In 2014, the aquarium was bought by  Palace Entertainment.

3.Miami Seaquarium animal abuse

There was some talk in the media about animals being ill-treated at the aquarium. A special reference was made to Lolita, the killer whale.
However, these doubts were cleared out by the authorities. All the animals are well looked after by the aquarium staff, giving them the best habitat to survive.

Speciality of Miami Seaquarium


  1. YouTube

For all those who cannot visit the aquarium, there is an official Youtube channel that has some exciting videos of the animal shows and encounters. 


  1. Miami Seaquarium killer whale

One of the major attractions of this place is the Miami Seaquarium whale– Lolita. She is the world’s oldest captive orca. She came to the aquarium in 1970 and ever since has been staying there with her friends- Pacific white-sided dolphins. Putting on a show of grace and intelligence for visitors.

  1. TV superstar Flipper dolphin show

Another major attraction at the aquarium are the flying antics of bottlenose dolphins where they do leaps and rolls through the rough waters.
In fact, a famous television series, Flipper about dolphins was filmed at the aquarium featuring the seven bottlenose dolphins but all of them have died now.
However, the series was so popular that the aquarium now has a regular show featuring the Miami Seaquarium dolphins called the Flipper Dolphin show. It is a must-watch at the aquarium.

  1. Special day celebrations

The aquarium has special events planned for certain days. For instance, there was a Miami Seaquarium Halloween 2019 where a special Monster Splash Halloween Bash was organized along with Halloween-themed marine shows, trick or treating and much more.
You could avail special prices for these days from Miami Seaquarium coupons Groupon and from other trusted vendors.

Miami Seaquarium coupons

You can get tickets to the aquarium at a discounted rated as well as have some good package deals if you buy coupons from a trusted vendor.
For instance, get Miami Seaquarium tickets Groupon and enjoy a host of benefits. Miami Seaquarium Groupon coupons are available on the Groupon website.
To make use of these coupons all you need to give is the Miami Seaquarium promo code given on the tickets and get discounted entry, free shows, some food vouchers and more. Check out the Miami Seaquarium coupons 2019 to know more about the offers.

  • Miami Seaquarium discount coupons

Besides the Groupon coupons, the aquarium also offers discounts to visitors based on their age groups or profession. All these coupons should have the Miami Seaquarium logo on them.
To avail of the Miami Seaquarium tickets discount you need to have the requisite id proof and age proof. Here is a list of discounts you can avail of.

  • Miami Seaquarium military discount

To pay homage to the military professionals, the aquarium offers a Miami Seaquarium veterans discount where tickets to admission are at $24.99 and four accompanying guests will get the tickets at a 50% discount.

  • Miami Seaquarium Florida resident

If you are a resident of Florida you can pick up the tickets at 50% of the animal encounter programs including interaction with dolphins, seals and at the Sea Trek Reef Encounter. You will need to carry a proof of residency for 

  • Miami Seaquarium teacher discount

The aquarium also has some offers for teachers at all times. Check the website for the latest update on it.

  • Senior citizens

All senior citizens over 55 years of age will get $3 off on the general admission 

  • AAA members

If you are a AAA member you get a 10% discount on general admission for up to 5 guests.

Miami Seaquarium mother’s day

This year the aquarium made mother’s day special for all mothers by giving Miami Seaquarium free admission to all mothers.
This gesture saw a lot of mother and children groups coming to the aquarium to make the day special and memorable. Every year it comes up with some special offers on this day.

How much is Miami Seaquarium?

Miami Seaquarium admission is quite affordable, with many discounts and offers on at all times. Miami Seaquarium tickets can be bought online or at the counter. The Miami Seaquarium general admission costs are:

  • General admission for people in the age group of 10 years and more – $49.99
  • Child admission between 3- 9 years of age – $39.99.  



Visitors can get special offers and reduce the Miami Seaquarium cost by becoming members. There are various plans that are available such as:

  • Miami Seaquarium Annual Pass – $ 64.99
  • Diamond Pass – $84.99
  • Platinum Pass – $104.99

All the passes provide the following benefits:

  • Unlimited park admission for 12 months
  • Monthly E-Newsletter
  • Entry for special events
  • Discounts on Animal Encounters programs
  • Discount on any camps
  • 20% off on entry for any guest
  • 20% off on participating South Florida Attractions
  • 10% off on birthday parties
  • 10% off on gift shop purchased items if more than $10 

Besides that, the Diamond Pass and Platinum pass give some additional benefits including:

  • 1 Bring-A-Buddy pass to use on your next visit
  • 1 Free Parking voucher for use on your next visit
  • 1 Free Sharky’s SkyTrail Adventure pass
  • 1 Free Stingray Feeding voucher

The best deal of the three is the Platinum Pass that allows for unlimited parking throughout the year at the venue in addition to all the above benefits.

Miami Seaquarium gift shop

Pick up exquisite gifts and souvenirs including, sunglasses, postcards, stuffed animals, t-shirts and much more as a fond remembrance of your trip to this beautiful abode of aquatic creatures.
You can also take Miami Seaquarium photos and get them framed into posters from the gift store. There are a few gift shops spread across the aquarium, so you can pick and choose as you move along

Miami Seaquarium exhibits

One of the cornerstones of the aquarium are its exhibits with a variety of sea animals swimming across them. The park has a 750,000-gallon main tank with beautiful fish, eels and sea turtles and 26 smaller tanks displaying the wondrous marine life. It also exhibits on mangrove and rainforest habitats. 

  • Touch Pools

This interactive exhibit allows you to touch and feel some of the sea creatures as they swim around effortlessly in water. Watch a swarm fish coming towards your hands to give a small peck and touch the harmless bamboos sharks as they wade through the water.

  • Caribbean Flamingos

Miami Seaquarium Caribbean Flamingos
Watch the pretty flamingos as you enter the aquarium in a beautiful tropical setting along with other birds.

  • Rescue a reef

In a bid to make people aware of the conservation and restoration of reefs, this 500-gallon tank displays the beautiful coral reef. Learn about its restoration program from experts.

  • Penguin Isle

Meet the friendly African Penguins at this exhibit as they waddle near you and give you a friendly nod. The exhibit has an 800 square foot of dry, rocky area and a 9,000 gallon pool for them to soak.

  • Tropical Reef

Peep into a 750,000 gallon tank with reef fish of all shapes and sizes, stingrays and moray eels. Watch a diver swim into the tank and feed these tropical fish. 

  • Tortuga Flats

Learn about the endangered sea turtle species at this exhibit and how they were rescued and rehabilitated.

Manatee Exhibit

Watch the endangered species, Manatee, often called the Cows of the Sea as they live at the aquarium. These docile and non-territorial sea creatures have been rescued are a part of the rescue and rehabilitation program at the aquarium

  1. Seal and Sea Lion

Meet the friendly creatures of the aquarium at the Seal & Sea Lion Feeder Pool. You can enjoy feeding them in the feeding sessions or simply watch them go about their daily activities.
Discovery Keys
Mimmicking a natural South Florida coastal habitat, this exhibit features marine birds, red mangroves and shallow water pools for animals and birds to thrive. You can spend a lot of time here just admiring the wide variety of flora around.
Tropical Wings
Watch the colorful tropical birds including, cockatoos, mackaws, African Greys and Amazons as they fly around the exhibit.

  • Stingray Exhibit

Spend time at this interactive exhibit as you feel and feed these magnificent creatures. This exhibit is inside the Tropical Wings Exhibit.

Miami Seaquarium events

The aquarium has regular shows and events to keep the guests enthralled and entertained. From the adventurous Miami Seaquarium killer whale show to the friendly dolphin acrobats, you get to watch all this and more at the aquarium.
For the adventurous lot, there are close-up-close encounters with sea animals as you touch and feed them. Besides that the aquarium hosts special events like weddings and birthdays to make your special day unique and fun. Let’s find out more.

  • Miami Seaquarium shows

Experience beautiful acrobats of the magnificent aquatic animals as they entice you during these shows. There is a proper schedule for all the shows that is continuously updated on the website and is available at the venue too. Read about the Miami Seaquarium showtimes and book your favorite ones at the earliest as they tend to get filled soon.

  • Top Deck Dolphin Show

Enjoy the flying antics of the bottlenose dolphins as they soar up high in the high and dive down deep into the water. These agile marine mammals are a delight to watch. You can view the Miami Seaquarium dolphin odyssey anytime in the day from below or above the water.

  • Golden Dome Sea Lion

Sea lions are funny creatures and especially so when Salty the Sea Lion and his Reef ranger do an entire performance for you. Watch them delight the audiences as they parade around lifting their tails and making funny sounds.

  • Flipper Dolphin Show
Image Source: comfortsuitesmiamiairport
Miami Seaquarium dolphin show is one of the most popular shows at the aquarium, where dolphins dance to music and demonstrate some energetic moves just like Flipper used to do in the television series.

  • Miami Seaquarium Orca show

Be awe-struck as you watch the Pacific white-sided dolphins alongside the Miami Seaquarium orca, Lolita. Showing off their grace and intelligence, these sea creatures do a spectacular performance. Check out the Miami Seaquarium killer whale show times in advance as this is one of the most popular shows at the aquarium and gets booked fast.

Animal Encounters

Miami Seaquarium
If you want to have some real adventure, be a part of the animal encounters available at the aquarium. Swim with the dolphins, feed sea lions and much more. You will surely enjoy it.

  •  Discovery Keys Shark and Stingray Interaction

Have an unforgettable experience as you come face-to-fin with Miami Seaquarium sharks and stingrays in this fun and adventurous encounter.

  •  Miami Seaquarium penguin encounter

Learn about the African Penguins at the Penguin Isle and also get a chance to interact with them and feed them. This special encounter costs $99.

  •  Miami Seaquarium swim with dolphins

Learn about one of the most friendly and loved sea creatures in this fun swim with dolphins Miami Seaquarium encounter. In this 30-minute encounter get acquainted with these beautiful animals.
You can shake hands with them, give them kisses and also feed your new friends. The best part of the experience is the short swim during the dorsal pull.

  •  Seal Swim

In this 15-20 minute program you can swim alongside seals and get kisses and hugs from these gentle sea creatures. You can also be a part of their training session.

  • Sea Trek Reef Encounter

Be a part of the tropical reef as you walk underwater through a 300,000 – gallon tropical reef. Meet some beautiful tropical fish, sting rays and many other sea creatures in this unique encounter.

  •  VIP Tour

Spend a luxurious 2.5 hours with some of the most loved creatures of the aquarium in this special tour. From meeting the Argentine black, macaw to feeding sea turtles and stingrays and also training some of the marine mammals.
You can also watch all the exciting shows including, Golden Dome Sea Lion,  the Killer Whale and Dolphin and Top Deck Dolphin show.

  •  Trainer for a day

Want to learn more about the aquatic creatures and find out about how they are trained? Join this tour and get a complete hands-on experience of training these animals. You will learn the training basics, help with show set-up and also the other essential activities.

Special Occasions

Make your special day unique by having it at the large open space in the aquarium overlooking Miami Skyline. Sunset Cove is one of the most coveted venues for weddings as this mesmerizing waterfront garden offers an incredible view and the staff at the aquarium provide impeccable service.
Every detail is planned and taken care of, from food, decor to entertainment and gifts. A Miami Seaquarium wedding is truly a fairy tale wedding.
 You can also plan private parties, concerts, meetings and picnics here. In fact, if you want to make your child’s birthday special, have a Miami Seaquarium birthday party. He will always remember this splash of a party. There are two birthday party packages –

  •  Birthday Party Package – $575 for a party with 15 guests and any additional guest is charged $40. In this package you are given the venue with decorations, lunch, birthday cake and a character visit. You can add on goody bags, animal encounters and the Sharky’s Sky Trail experience.
  • Slumber Party Birthday – $60 for a 15 guest part. It includes a pizza party dinner, a flashlight hike around the park, games and admission to the park the next day.


Miami Seaquarium field trips

One of the main aims of the aquarium is to teach the youth about marine life conservation and they do it in a fun way
. They have many field trips where children of all age groups accompanied by their teacher, come to the aquarium and take part in various activities of the aquarium. From feeding, training to watching the sea creatures and playing with them.

 Miami Seaquarium camp

Take a day off from regular studies and have some edu-tainment with marine life in this action-packed program. Children get to experience animal interactions, sea animal shows, play games, and learn about marine biology. This costs $60 per child.

  • Spring Camp

It is a week-long camp with one mammal show everyday and one animal interaction daily along with a lot of art and craft activities, games and much more. It costs $250 per child but if booked online it comes to $195.

  • Miami Seaquarium summer camp

Similar to the spring camp, the aquarium also holds a summer camp in which children indulge in different activities and interactions.

Miami Seaquarium deals

Enjoy this summer with your family with the Miami Seaquarium summer pass. You can enjoy four attractions at a cheaper rate. Priced at $59.99+tax for adults and $49.99+tax for children between 3-12 years, this pass includes a trip to the aquarium, Miami Seaquarium Lion Country Safari, Miami Zoo and Museum of Discovery and Science.

Miami Seaquarium bunnypalooza

Have a weekend of fun and frolic with the aquatic animals as you come to the aquarium for two days of entertaining games, animal interactions, live converts and adventurous Miami Seaquarium rides. Priced at $45.99 for adults and $35.99 for children between 3-9 years, this is a great way to spend time for the entire family.

Rescue and Conservation

The aquarium also does a lot of rescue and conservation work on sea animals. Many of its residents have been rescued from the wild and rehabilitated.
A lot of research and educational programs go on at the aquarium along with the shows and events. You can go behind the scenes and find out more about these rescued animals or even volunteer to help in their conservation.

Miami Seaquarium jobs

If you have a way with animals and love to be around them, then a job at the aquarium might just be a great idea. They are always looking out for energetic people with a passion for conservation of marine life.
In fact, often they have a Miami Seaquarium job fair, a great time to look out for jobs at the aquarium. Or else, you must always keep a check on the Miami Seaquarium careers section of the website. They have some openings at all times.

 Miami Seaquarium internship

Very often the management are looking out for young individuals who have the time and the zeal to do some voluntary work at the aquarium.
There is no income attached to this but it sure does give you a hands-on experience of the functioning of the aquarium. Look out for openings in the Miami Seaquarium volunteer section to know the latest updates.
Infact, since the aquarium does a lot of rescue and rehabilitation work for the marine animals, they are in need of money so
if you have the means do have a look at Miami Seaquarium donation request and give some funds. Your help will go a long way in conserving aquatic life.

 What time does Miami Seaquarium open?

Miami Seaquarium hours are long giving visitors ample time to see all the exhibits and also watch all the shows. The aquarium opens daily at 10am and closes at 6pm.
It takes about 4 hours to see all the exhibits and shows. The ticket counter shuts by 4.30pm so ensure that you are there well before the closing time so that there is ample time to explore the aquarium.

Directions to Miami Seaquarium

Miami Seaquarium address is 4400 Rickenbacker Causeway Miami, FL 33149. It is ideally located for tourists as it is just a few minutes from downtown,
the airport and the Port of Miami. Check out the Miami Seaquarium map from the website to know the exact location or call the Miami Seaquarium phone number – (305) 361-5705.


If you are flying to Miami, the closest airport to the aquarium is Miami (MIA). From the airport you can either take a bus or a train to reach the venue.



Brightline to Miami Seaquarium 

Brightline has a train from West Palm beach to Miami Central which is just 10 minutes from the aquarium.


There are two routes if you are driving down to the venue. From the north, take I-95 South, Exit 1A (Miami Seaquarium) to reach Key Biscayne and Rickenbacker Causeway.
If you are coming from the south take US1 North and exit right just before the on-ramp to I-95. Then follow Miami Seaquarium directions given along the way.
The aquarium also has buses plying between from Brickell Station to Miami Seaquarium. Call the Miami Seaquarium number to know the exact details.
If you are a tourist in the city you can hire a car too. Sixt, a car rental agency, offers special rental services for people going to the aquarium.

How far is Miami Seaquarium from south beach?

Miami Seaquarium location is ideal for all those wanting to roam around in Miami as all the tourist locations are close by. In fact, the famous South Beach is only 15 minutes from the aquarium. So you can plan to spend the entire day around this part of town.

 Miami Seaquarium parking

The aquarium offers parking for cars, motorcycles and even for passenger vans and RVs for $10 a day. For school buses the parking is free with the Field Trip booking.

Hotels near Miami Seaquarium

There are many great options for staying near Miami Seaquarium Rickenbacker Causeway Miami Fl. From luxurious suites to mid-range hotel units and budget rooms, you can find a wide range of places to stay.
All of them are within a few minutes from the venue and offer a comfortable stay. Please note that the prices mentioned are subject to change so check out the hotel website for the latest updates.

  1. East Miami Hotel

One of the most renowned hotels in Miami, The East Miami offers comfort, opulence and style. Priced at $380 per night, the hotel offers a romantic appeal, a fabulous view of the sweeping vistas of the bay and the city, and luxurious suites to spend your holiday.

  1. Sun Harbour Boutique Hotel

Live in luxury at this Italian style boutique hotel located just 3 kilometers from Miami Seaquarium Florida. Each suite is elegantly designed and furnished overlooking the serene central courtyard and swimming pool. Priced at $220 per night, it is a great choice if you are looking out for comfort and style.

  1. SLS Brickell

Priced at $180 per night, the SLS Brickell is a great choice for those wanting all the luxurious comforts but don’t want to spend too much for it. This mid-range hotel is ideally placed in Miami’s Brickell neighbourhood, right next to a metro station and close to many of the tourist attractions. Just 4 kilometers from Miami Seaquarium Key Biscayne Florida, it makes it easier for you to commute to the venue.

  1. Conrad Miami

Priced at Miami $150 for a night, the Conrad Miami, is a great bargain for all those who want a premier hotel to stay. All the rooms are equipped with modern facilities in the room along with a spa, pool and fitness center.

  1. Hampton Inn & Suites Miami

For those on a tight budget, Hampton Inn & Suites is ideal as it costs only $90 per night and is located about 3.5 kilometers from Seaquarium Miami Fl.

Miami Seaquarium restaurants

You are sure to feel hungry after spending an entire day at the aquarium and you have to be lucky as there are some great options within walking distance from the venue.
Here is a list of the best restaurants near Miami Seaquarium that will surely make you come back for more.

  1. Friend’s Market and Bistro – A great place to enjoy some junk food. Try out their pizzas and also the hookah.
  2. Rusty Pelican – About 1 kilometer from the aquarium, the restaurant has some of the best seafood in Miami.
  3. Atlantica Seafood Restaurant & Market – Relish some drinks and seafood at this American pub with great music. 
  4. Edge Steak & Bar – A haven for all the steak lovers.
  5. Tutto Piza – A cozy restaurant with the best pizzas in town.


Other attractions in the vicinity

Miami is a lively city with vibrant sights and sounds along with beautiful landscapes and great weather.  There are a lot of things to do and places to see here, making it a fun family holiday destination.
From museums, theme parks to beaches and markets, there is a lot to explore. Here are some of the must-see and must-do things whilst in Miami.

  1. South Beach
  2. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
  3. Everglades National Park
  4. Bayside Marketplace
  5. Zoo Miami
  6. Jungle Island
  7. Coral Castle
  8. Miami Children’s Museum
  9. Key Biscayne and Crandon Park
  10.  Patricia Frost Museum of Science


Miami Seaquarium reviews

The aquarium is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Miami with thousands of visitors making a bee-line for it daily. It’s colorful exhibits, adventurous animal encounters and unique shows make it all the more exciting.
You can plan to visit the aquarium on your own by buying tickets online or club the Miami Seaquarium tour with other sites in the city.
To know more about it you can check out the reviews of Miami Seaquarium tripadvisor to know how good the aquarium is and what other most popular shows and exhibits.

Miami Seaquarium vs Jungle Island

Jungle Island is an eco-adventure theme park with animals galore and adventure activities for kids and adults. From animal encounters to tree houses and playgrounds for kids to have fun, Jungle Island is a great place to spend time with family and friends.
The Miami Seaquarium, on the other hand is a standalone aquarium with its focus on marine animals. All its events and shows are centered around aquatic beings – be it entertainment, conservation or education. So if you are a hard-core marine life enthusiast then a trip to the aquarium is a must.
However, if you only want to have some adventure and entertainment the Jungle Island will be great. The best would be to visit both these places as they have their own charm.


Miami Seaquarium is the longest running oceanarium in the United States spread across 38-acres of beautiful terrain. It has a host of entertaining and educational programs and events to keep visitors enthralled the whole day.
From huge water tanks where tropical fish, deadly stingrays and whales thrive to green habitats for marine birds and butterflies, this paradise has it all. You can get the latest information about Miami Seaquarium hours and prices from the website.
Spend time visiting each of the exhibits to see the marine creatures living harmoniously in their natural habitat. Watch the different shows and events planned daily to see how well these aquatic beings are trained. Come face-to-fin with some of the marine mammals as you swim with seals or feed the penguins, sea lions.
All those interested in learning about marine life and their conservation can also contribute through the volunteer programs and internships that are planned regularly.
So are you ready to sign up for a once in a lifetime experience? You will surely love every bit of it as you get transported to a world of deadly and dainty fish at this world-class marine-life entertainment park and make memories to last a lifetime.

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