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Newport Aquarium in Kentucky is an incredible 100,000 square foot facility located across the River Ohio from Cincinnati. The aquarium has 14 galleries, 70 exhibits and five acrylic tunnels. 
The aquarium is home to 20000 different aquatic animals and more than 90 different species. Aquarium is an accredited member of the AZA and it is a global leader in wildlife conservation.  
Visitors to the aquarium KY have the opportunity to come face to face with some of the most exotic marine animals in the world.
You can touch a stingray, get a good view of a white alligator, buy a painting done by a penguin or walk under an acrylic tunnel as sharks swim overhead. 
There are several interactive exhibits as well at the aquarium for visitors to indulge in such as Frog Bog, Shipwreck: Realm of the Eels, watch dive shows in the Surrounded by Sharks exhibit, or pet a penguin in the penguin playhouse. 
Add some adventure to your visit by crossing the Shark Bridge while over a dozen sharks swim in the open tank below, or spend the night in the tunnels with sharks swimming over you as you drift off to sleep. 
The Aquarium has experiences that are simply fantastic which is the reason why Newport Aquarium reviews put it in one of the top-ranking aquariums in the country. 
The Aquarium also has several learning and outreach programs to educate people about the importance of marine animals to the health of the oceans around the world. 
If offers STEM learning opportunities as well as outreach programs like the WAVE Foundation and Mobile Shark Cart. 
Volunteers and interns form an integral part of the functioning of the aquarium and the Aquarium offers good benefits for those who volunteer as well as those who enrol in their internship programs. 
Know more about the Newport Aquarium in Cincinnati by clicking on the video link below:

Visit their official website for amazing discounts:

Fun Facts about the Newport Aquarium Oregon 


  • The largest exhibit in the Aquarium holds 385,000 gallons of water.


  • The aquarium makes its own seawater or saltwater in its own facility. The aquarium conducts more than 700 tests each week to ensure the water quality is perfect for the animals who live here.


  • The aquarium only serves restaurant quality food to all its animals. The food suppliers of the aquarium are the same as those of high-quality restaurants in the region. 


  • The aquarium has around 90,500 pounds of acrylic plastic to hold the massive water exhibits and large tunnels.


  • Surprisingly, at the Aquarium, it is not the sharks but the penguins who consume more food. On an average, the penguin community are fed 65 pounds of food per day which comes to 24000 pounds per year. 


  • The exhibits of each animal at the aquarium are designed according to its natural habitat in the wild in terms of size and its environment. 


  • The Newport Aquarium in Cincinnati is the first aquarium to successfully breed shark rays. 


  • The biologists at the aquarium design enrichment programs for the animals in such a way so as to keep them engaged while they are under professional care. 


  • Volunteers at the aquarium are more than 350 in number and they spend more than 35,000 hours to educate visitors, help in the preparation of food for the animals, feed the animals and keep the exhibits clean inside out. 


  • The Shark Bridge is the only suspension bridge in North America where guests can take a walk right over the open shark exhibit with two dozen sharks swimming below. 


  • The Shark Ray Bay has four of the rarest species of shark rays on display – Sweet Pea, Sunshine, Spike and Scooter.


  • The latest addition to the aquarium, Shipwreck: Realms of the Eels, is the actual remains of an old sunken ship that was scattered across the seafloor


  • Aquarium reviews have earned the aquarium the tag of being one of the best aquariums in the country.


  • It took more than a 1000 hours of fabrication, building and installation of the Shark Bridge. 


Highlights of the Newport Aquarium


Shipwreck: Realms of the Eels

This is one of the biggest developments since the opening of the aquarium. The new exhibit explores the ruins of a sunken ship scattered across the floor of the sea.
These scattered ruins are now home to some of the most fascinating marine animals such as moray eels, vibrantly colored fish and many others. 
The exhibit has five zones: Captain’s Quarters, Treasure Chest, Cargo Hold, Ship’s Anchor and Ropes and Rigging. 

Newport Shark Bridge

The Newport Shark Bridge is the first of its kind in the world. This is a V-shaped rope bridge 75- feet long and suspended over the open Surrounded by Sharks Exhibit. Guests walk just inches away from the water where more than a dozen sharks are swimming below. 
This is included in the admission to Newport Aquarium for the guests to get their adrenaline pumping.

Newport Rare White Alligator

Newport Aquarium White Alligator
The Legend of the White Gators is home to Snowball and Snowflakes, the aquarium’s rare white alligators. These two amazing creatures are two of a 100 white gators that are left in the world. 

Penguin Encounter

The Newport Aquarium penguins are African penguins who prefer a warmer temperate climate. The Penguin House in the aquarium has benches for the guests to sit and watch the penguins waddle about. You can also touch the penguins while the aquarium staff holds the head of the penguin. 
Get pictures clicked of your special Newport Aquarium Penguin encounter and you can get the copies of the photos you like or get a USB with all the Newport Aquarium photo of the encounter. 
During the whole encounter, the aquarium experts talk about the ways of life of these beautiful and playful marine animals.

Newport Shark Tunnel

The Newport Aquarium Shark Tunnel in the Surrounded by Sharks exhibit has a seamless acrylic tunnel and you can leisurely stroll into the depths of the ocean and watch the different varieties of Newport Aquarium sharks such as shark rays, Sand Tiger Sharks, Sandbar Sharks, Blacktip Reef Sharks, Hammerhead Sharks and Zebra Sharks. 
Sharing the tank with the sharks are the Honeycomb Whiptail Rays, Southern Stingrays and Shark Rays. 
Newport Aquarium

Newport Aquarium Mermaids

Meet the mermaids at the Newport Aquarium’s Mermaid Cove. The experience starts from Shark Ray Bay Theatre where you will meet a Mermaid sitting on her throne.
This is a great place to click some Newport Aquarium photos with the Mermaid and her friends Denver the sea turtle, sand sharks and the shark ray sweet pea. 
Next stop to find the Mermaids is the Coral Reef where you will find her swimming alongside her colorful tropical fish. 

The fascinating exhibits of the Newport Aquarium KY


The Amazon Tunnel

Take a leisurely stroll under the Amazon Tunnel to indulge in an exploration of the depths of the Amazon River. A 32-foot acrylic tunnel offers a great view of the Arapaima, pacu and several other unique species of freshwater fish. 

Seahorses: Unbridled Fun

This exhibit in the aquarium showcases the amazing underwater world of seahorses, sea dragons, pipefish and many others. There is also a giant video screen which magnifies the size of each of these sea creatures. 
Learn about these unique marine animals and also play a game of Seek and Find on your smartphone and see how many seahorses you find in the coral reef. 

Coral Reef

Explore the vibrantly colored coral reef exhibit at the Newport Aquarium KY  that is home to the honeycomb moray eels, tangs, unicornfish and the cownose rays with their ever smiling faces gliding about. 

Shore Gallery

The Shore Gallery exhibit has exotic fish and other aquatic animals that are naturally found in Eastern North America, South America and Asia. There is also a tide touch pool where you can touch incredible aquatic creatures like the anemones,  sea stars and many others. 

Ring of Fire: World of the Octopus

This exhibit’s main inhabitant is the Giant Pacific Octopus which is a unique animal in itself. The exhibit has special effects that imitate the seismic activities of the underwater world of the Pacific Ocean which is the home of the Giant Pacific Octopus.
Other inmates of this exhibit are the moon jellies and Japanese spider crabs among others.

Stingray Hideaway

Get close and touch a stingray while it glides past the shallow end of the pool.  There are three different species of stingrays in this exhibit plus some colorful tropical fish and iguanas. 

Frog Bog

This could be one of the most fascinating exhibits especially for young children who like frogs. The exhibit has a variety of colorful and exotic frogs from around the world. Each of these creatures has its own specific speciality. 
The educational display helps visitors to understand the reason why most of these unique animals are on the verge of extinction. 

Freshwater Falls

In the Freshwater Falls exhibit, there are 13 tanks that showcase the different species of underwater plants and animals below the cascading waterfalls and streams around the world. 

Shark Central

This exhibit is dedicated to sharks and it emphasizes their importance to the healthy ecosystem of the oceans and seas. The display also educates visitors on how human activities are threatening the very existence of these magnificent and misunderstood creatures.
If you are feeling brave enough then stick your arm in and touch one of the sharks as they glide along. 

Special Newport Aquarium prices Discounts


Kroger Stores in Cincinnati 

Some Kroger stores in the Cincinnati area sell Newport Aquarium Kroger discount tickets and buying these from a partner retailer can save you $2 off Adult Newport Aquarium tickets and $1 off on a child’s ticket. 
Newport Aquarium tickets Kroger discounts are available for purchase at Kroger stores in Dayton, Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati area. 

Military Discounts

The aquarium honors the armed forces personnel with amazing Newport Aquarium military discounts which is valid for active and retired armed forces personnel, veterans and dependent children. 
By showing a valid ID at the ticket counter a member of the armed forces can get a $3 discount on the admission ticket and the accompanying adult or child can get a $2 discount.

AAA Discounts

Check with the nearest AAA office for Newport Aquarium discount while planning your trip to the aquarium. AAA discounts are available at select AAA stores and tickets are available at $23.50 for adults and $1675 for a child’s ticket. 

Coupons for Newport Aquarium Oregon

Several websites are available on the internet that has some amazing Newport Aquarium promo codes and coupons. 

Newport Aquarium tickets on Groupon

Newport Aquarium Groupon tickets are available offering some excellent Newport Aquarium ticket deals. There is theAquarium annual pass offering year-round admission to the aquarium. 
The other types of Aquarium annual pass available on Groupon are One Adult Annual Pass with 17% off on general admission and One Child Annual Pass with 15% off on general admission. 

Other coupons for Newport Aquarium

There are several popular coupons online that offer great deals such as General Admission tickets starting from $16.99, Newport Aquarium Kroger discount tickets starting at $15.99, Newport Aquarium AAA discount tickets, Newport Aquarium military discount starting as low as $14.99 and several others. 
Tickets for general admission for Newport Aquarium starting from $16.99 and Newport Aquarium promo codes are available with which you can get Adult tickets for $20 and Child tickets for $13.
Getting a Newport Aquarium season pass is totally worth it if you and your family love going to the aquarium. 
Purchase a Newport Aquarium gift card which can be for anything at the aquarium. Be it a special encounter with the penguins or a Aquarium annual pass for the aquarium
Get amazing Newport Aquarium ticket deals from online websites or with advance bookings or reservations. 
Buy the Newport Aquarium annual pass and enjoy a multitude of benefits at the aquarium – 

  • Unlimited visits for one full year


  • $2 off guest admission to Newport Aquarium tickets


  • Exclusive invitations to new exhibit previews & special events


  • 20% discount on Penguin Encounters


  • 20% discount on Behind the Scene Encounters


  • 15% discount at Sharky’s Café


  • 15% discount at the aquarium’s gift shop


  • Bring A Friend Free Days: Two times a year

The General Admission tickets for Newport Aquarium gives visitors access to all the aquariums exhibits, galleries, shows and all at a low price. All these discount coupons and promo codes give you an excellent opportunity to save on all your Newport Aquarium prices.

Membership to the Aquarium

Get a membership to the aquarium by buying the Aquarium annual pass and enjoy all the benefits that come with it. 

Newport Aquarium Reciprocal Admission Program

The aquarium is an accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA).  The advantages of being a member of your local aquarium or zoo which is AZA-accredited is that you get free or discounted admission to other participating zoos or aquariums. 
Newport Aquarium reciprocity program includes several benefits in the membership privileges. 
Under this program, the Cincinnati and Kentucky region offers splendid Newport Aquarium and Cincinnati Zoo packages for the benefit of their members. 

What comes with the General Admission ticket for the Newport Aquarium?

With the general admission for Newport Aquarium, you get access to all the exhibits, shows and galleries. 
Purchase these tickets online to get the best Newport Aquarium ticket prices. Find out how much is Newport Aquarium ticket when buying online from their official website.  
To know more about Newport Aquarium hours and prices click here:

Events at the Newport Aquarium in KY


Halloween At The Aquarium

Halloween is a time for fun and celebrations! The Halloween celebrations are part of  Newport Aquarium events that is celebrated annually and pumpkins form an important part of this celebration.
The fish at the aquarium too love pumpkins and on this day watch divers carve out pumpkins for the aquatic animals.
Special treats are also available for children who visit the aquarium in beautiful and colorful costumes. The first 500 kids who enter the aquarium will receive special sweet treats. 

Taste of the World

This is an annual event organized by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. This is an entertaining evening where guests enjoy some great food, excellent selection of wines, beer and other spirits while touring the various exhibits at the aquarium. 
All proceeds from this event go to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. 

Water Wonderland with Scuba Santa

Watch Santa don his scuba gear and swim with the sharks, rays, turtles and other aquatic animals. This is one of the most popular events here favored by adults and children alike. 
The entire aquarium is turned into a water wonderland filled with coloful bright lights, cheerful elves, magical bubbles and to top it all playful penguins waddling about. 
There is also the Scuba Santa Post Office where you can write your special wish and drop it at the Scuba Santa’s Mailbox. 
Newport Aquarium santa

Host your own events at the Newport Aquarium in Kentucky

The aquarium events space is amazing with aquatic animals as the backdrop and the  Cincinnati city skyline as the perfect views. 

  • Weddings

Newport Aquarium weddings are definitely special and not only for the bride and groom but for the guests as well. The Riverside Room of the aquarium offers a spectacular view of the Ohio River and the city skyline.
This is one of the best events space in the aquarium for special occasions like rehearsal dinners, weddings, receptions, etc. Four of the best caterers in the city are part of the catering team of the aquarium. 
The Newport Aquarium wedding costs will vary depending on the venue and the catering services you choose. 

  • Birthdays

Celebrate an upcoming birthday with friends and family at the aquarium. There are several themes to choose from for your Newport Aquarium Birthday parties: Shark theme, Mermaid Theme and Pirate Theme. 
There are several add-on options too such as an animal encounter, scavenger hunts, food choices and lots more. 
Guests are eligible for discounts on admission to Newport Aquarium to visit the exhibits. You can also explore the underwater tunnels and experience the thrill of crossing the Shark Bridge. 
Newport Aquarium cost of birthday parties will vary depending on the headcount and the theme chosen. Different packages are available on their official website. 
If you want to know more about planning a birthday party at the aquarium then you can call on the Newport Aquarium phone number and one of the staff members will guide you through it. 

  • Social Events

Choose the Aquarium for your next social event! The aquarium’s events space is ideal for galas, fundraisers, proms, bat and bar mitzvahs, bridal showers, baby showers picnics, etc. Whether you are holding a lunch, dinner or cocktail parties the aquarium has the perfect settings for your celebrations.
With the incredible exhibits as background and amazing views of the Ohio River, the aquarium is perfect for any kind of social functions or personal celebrations. 

  • Corporate Events

Let your next corporate event be an adventure in the aquatic world of the aquarium. The aquarium has a great space for all kinds of corporate get-togethers. There are several meeting rooms as well as the Riverside Room available for your conferences and retreats.
Add activities like scavenger hunts, penguin encounters, team-building exercises etc to your corporate meets. 

Educational Programs


  • School Groups and Education Programs

The Newport Aquarium Ohio offers a wide variety of learning opportunities for students in the K-12 section. STEM learning opportunities are part of the curriculum that is provided by the aquarium. Students worksheets and a teacher’s guide is also part of the package. 
All packages include one complimentary chaperone for every ten student admissions. 
There are several other Newport Aquarium packages specially designed for Scouts, Homeschoolers, Group events, etc. 

  • Overnight Adventures

Newport Aquarium’s Private Overnight Adventure Programs allows a group of 20 to spend the night with the sharks and rays at the aquarium. Visit unique animals from around the world, explore the hidden gems of the Newport Aquarium Newport Kentucky, enjoy a behind the scene tour, themed activities and much more.
Fall asleep after an exciting evening of fun-filled activities while watching sharks and rays swim above you. 

Dining at the Aquarium

Enjoy a meal break at the Newport Aquarium restaurants, Sharky’s Cafe. The restaurant serves a variety of light snacks as well as full meals. For every festival, the chefs prepare special seasonal and traditional delicacies. 
Newport Aquarium Annual Pass holders get a flat 15% discount in Sharky’s Cafe. 

Newport Aquarium Gift Shop

After exploring the aquarium, stop by at the gift shop to purchase a few plush toys of the animals from your favorite exhibit or some other souvenirs. The Newport Aquarium Gift Shop has a wide range of books, jewellery, toys, art-glass and many more. 
You can also purchase a special penguin artwork to support the WAVE Foundation. The benefits from the sale go into the conservation of these incredibly endangered marine animals. 

Work at the Newport Aquarium

Newport Aquarium career options are available for those who are passionate about marine animals and their welfare. The Newport Aquarium jobs provide a challenging and rewarding environment for those who believe in creating lasting impressions in the visitors and guests about the aquarium and its inhabitants. 
Newport Aquarium career option is also available for military veterans.
Know more about Newport Aquarium jobs by clicking here for official website

Newport Aquarium interns

Newport Aquarium internships are available for college students in animal husbandry, video production, human resources, marketing, public relations, sales, education and other departments. 
Interns are an integral part of the workings of the aquarium and they are involved in all kinds of work right from office work or shark feedings. 
Spring, Summer and Fall are the threeAquarium internships program available each year. 

Newport Aquarium Volunteers

For those who would like to donate their time to the aquarium, there are different types of volunteer programs available for teenagers and young adults. 
The Summer Naturalist Program is available for 14 to 17-year-olds. Year-round volunteer programs are available for those who are 18 years and above. 
All Volunteers are eligible for the Newport Aquarium discounts at the Newport Aquarium gift shop and Sharky’s Cafe. 

Newport Aquarium – Giving Back to the Community

The aquarium is committed about giving back to the community in which they are. Every 501(c)(3) Company gets two tickets per year. For Newport Aquarium donation requests fill out their online form and it should reach the aquarium 6 weeks before the date of the visit. 

Where is Newport Aquarium?

The Newport Aquarium address is 1 Aquarium Way, Newport, KY 41071
To find the Newport Aquarium directions and to know how far is the Newport Aquarium from me use this address on your GPS system:  1 Levee Way Newport KY, 41071
The aquarium is a short distance away from Downtown Cincinnati at Newport Aquarium Levee Way Newport KY. Look for the Newport Aquarium logo as you get closer to your destination. 
Click Here to get the Newport Aquarium map

Newport Aquarium Operating Hours

The Newport Aquarium Cincinnati hours are between 10 AM to 6 PM from Sunday to Saturday. 
Find out more about the schedule of events, activities and hours of the aquarium click here

FAQS on opening hours

Q1. What are the opening hours of the Newport Aquarium on Sunday?
Newport Aquarium hours Sunday and Saturday are from 10 AM to 7 PM. 
Q2. What time does Newport Aquarium open?
On weekdays the aquarium opens from 10 AM to 6 PM. On weekends it stays open from 10 AM to 7 PM

Directions and Parking

Parking for Newport Aquarium is available in the Newport on the Levee parking garage. There are other private parking lots too available within walking distance from the aquarium. 
Newport Aquarium parking rates at Newport on the Levee range from $3 to $5 depending on how long you are using the spot. 
Purchase parking passes and get a whole range of discounts to Newport Aquarium parking
Directions to Newport Aquarium parking are available online.

Hotels near the Newport Aquarium in Cincinnati

There are some excellent Newport Aquarium hotels that are close to several other attractions in Newport Cincinnati.

Renaissance Cincinnati Downtown Hotel

This stylish hotel is 0.8 miles away from the aquarium and offers contemporary rooms with relaxing decor. Upgraded rooms have separate living rooms with sofas and private cocktail lounge. The property also has a casual restaurant, a bar, a fitness centre, an event space and a business centre. 

The Westin Cincinnati 

This is one of the most convenient hotels close to Newport Aquarium. The hotel is within a mile from the aquarium in Kentucky and features modern rooms with floor to ceiling windows with excellent views of the Fountain Square. This is also one of the hotels near Newport Aquarium with an indoor pool, a whirlpool and a gym.
The hotel also has a seafood restaurant, a lobby bar and 17 meeting rooms. 

AC Hotel by Marriott Cincinnati at the Banks

This hotel is less than a mile away from the aquarium and it features elegant rooms with free wifi, flat-screen TV and balconies with river views. Suite rooms have separate living rooms. The property also has an in-house restaurant, a rooftop bar and a fitness centre. 

The Guild Downtown

The hotel is a short walk from the aquarium and it is in one of the best locations for hotels near Newport Aquarium. Each unit is airconditioned with a living room and a well-equipped kitchen with dining area.
 The is also one of the best Newport Aquarium hotels near the Ohio River and other attractions in the area. 

Hampton Inn & Suites Newport Cincinnati

Located at 0.06 miles this is one of the hotels near Newport Aquarium with indoor pool. The hotel offers excellent views of the Ohio River and it is a short walk from the aquarium. It is conveniently located in the heart of Newport and it also close to several other attractions in the area.

Radisson Hotel Cincinnati Riverfront

If you are looking for hotels with Newport Aquarium packages, then check out the Radisson Hotel Cincinnati Riverfront Hotel. The package includes overnight stay at the hotel, breakfast for two and two adults Newport Aquarium tickets.
These offers on Newport Aquarium hotel packages are limited so do check the availability of these packages. 

Lookout Motel

If you are looking for budget-friendly motels near Newport Aquarium then this motel could be on your list of places to stay. It is a decent place to stay with airconditioned rooms, kitchen facility and wheelchair accessible. It is located right across the bridge from Downtown Cincinnati. 

Restaurants near Newport Aquarium KY


  • Brio Italian Grille – Newport – Newport on the Levee

This casual Italian restaurant serves some truly delectable Tuscan style delicacies with grilled entrees, traditional Italian pasta dishes, wine and mouthwatering desserts. The warmth and excellent customer service make this restaurant one of the most popular restaurants near Aquarium

  • Chart House Restaurant – Newport (Cincinnati)

This charming restaurant is located right on the Ohio River and offers spectacular views of the city skyline and the river. The restaurant is famous for its seafood specialities, succulent steaks, fine wines and decadent desserts. 

  • Top of The Park @ The Phelps

This is one of the best restaurants near Newport Aquarium for sipping some hand-crafted cocktails while enjoying the views of Lytle Park. This restaurant is located in the iconic Phelps building and it is a famous rooftop venue serving typical American cuisine and comfort food.  

  • Moerlein Lager House

This is a world-class restaurant and brewery that offers a dining experience like no other restaurant. Its microbrewery offers a variety of Moerlein craft brews and food that is reminiscent of the kind that was served during the 19th-century beer gardens. 

  • The Greek Burrito

This relaxed restaurant serves some of the best selection of Mediterranean fares. Their specialities include gyros and varieties of sandwiches from paninis to falafels to shawarmas. Locals love their range of soups, salads, hummus, mouthwatering desserts and a variety of desserts. 

Top 10 Attractions near the Newport Aquarium


  • Funny Bone Comedy Club


  • BB Riverboats


  • World Peace Bell


  • Newport on the Levee


  • The USS Nightmare


  • Smale Riverfront Park


  • The Escape Game Cincinnati


  • Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame& Museum


  • Taft Museum of Art


  • Riverwalk



Join the fun, experience and explore the wonders of the underwater world at Newport Aquarium in Cincinnati.
This extraordinary facility brings you closer to marine animals and also help to debunk a lot of myths. It helps bring about awareness of the threats that hangs on the existence of so many of these incredible animals.
A visit to the aquarium is a fun-filled learning experience that entertains as well as educate. 

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