Moody Gardens Aquarium Pyramid | Fish in Aquarium

Moody Gardens Galveston, Texas is an educational cum entertainment destination that also comes with its Golf Course, Hotel, and Amusement Park. Since then, the property was opened in 1986 and actively strived to educate and inform visitors about nature, conservation, and wildlife. 
Many are interested to know who owns Moody Gardens. The property belongs to the City of Galveston and is run by the Moody Foundation. It began only as a horse barn with a riding area. Over the years, Developed the property to make it what it is today. 
Moody Gardens, Texas, is a place where nature is the teacher as well as an entertainer. The three Pyramids of the Gardens include the Moody Gardens Aquarium Pyramid, where there are thousands of fish, sharks, penguins, otters, and several other marine animals. 
The next Pyramid is the Rainforest Pyramid, which replicates the different rainforest habitats in Asia, Africa, and the Americas. This Pyramid has thousands of exotic plants and animals that inhabit these rainforests. 
The Moody Gardens Discovery Museum is all about science and discovery. The exhibits are changed, and new and exciting displays are part of this section of the property. 
Besides the Pyramids, Moody Gardens has the MG 3D Theater featuring the largest screen in Houston, Texas, and a 4D Special FX Theater. 
Moody Gardens Palm Beach is another major attraction here, especially for families with kids. There is the lazy river, splash pads, a white sand beach, a freshwater lagoon, and a small amusement park for children. 
Other unique additions to Moody Gardens, Texas, are the paddleboat cruise, The Colonel, the Golf Course, and the Moody Gardens Hotels Spa and Convention Center. The property also offers an excellent space for all kinds of events, from weddings to private social parties to corporate get-togethers.
According to Moody Trip advisor reviews, the Gardens ranks in one of the top 10 significant attractions in Houston, Texas. 

If you would like to know more about the Moody Garden cost and prices, just visit their official website.

What is there in Moody Gardens?


Aquarium Pyramid

Moody’s Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the Southwest, featuring the Gulf Of Mexico’s natural marine lives, South Atlantic, North Pacific, South Pacific, And Caribbean. 
It is teeming with marine animals such as seals, penguins, sharks, various tropical fish, jellyfish, interactive exhibits, and lots more. The Moody Gardens exhibits highlight the different natural habitats and sanctuaries of various aquatic animals. 
They also showcase the different aspects of the relationships between man and the oceans. 

Animal Encounters at the Moody Gardens Aquarium

Moody Gardens Galveston Aquarium also offers several behind the scenes encounters for you to learn about the marine animals and how they are taken care of at the Aquarium. 
Moody Gardens webcam brings live coverage of the penguin’s exhibit and shows these beautiful animals. 

  • Public Penguin Encounters – Go behind the scenes with the Aquarium’s biologist and learn about the different aspects of taking care of these penguins. 

Watch food for the penguins prepared and learn about penguin conservation, enrichment and training programs, biology, and caring for these tuxedo-clad marine animals. 

  • Private Penguin Encounters – Book your private encounter with the Moody Gardens penguins. This 45-minutes encounter includes a striking artwork done by the penguin and a special Aquarium Pyramid admission. 


  • Penguin and Seal Experience – This 4-hour experience tells what it is like to be an animal keeper at the Aquarium. You will be part of the whole experience and assist the experts with cleaning the penguin and seal exhibits, preparing their food, watch live training sessions, and other enrichment programs. 


  • Meet the seal and feed the penguins. This encounter also includes a unique artwork done by the penguin for you to take home as a souvenir and a special lunch with the biologist. 


  • Public Giant Otter Encounter – Get a first-hand learning opportunity with the Aquarium’s biologist on otter biology, their natural habitats, conservation efforts, and how these marine animals are taken care of Aquarium. 


  • Private Giant River Otter Encounter – Private encounters with these amazing creatures are available for four people. It is a 45-minute experience that also includes a painting done by the otter for each participant. 


Rainforest Pyramid

Visit the rainforests of Africa, Asia, and the Americas all under one roof. It is a rare and interactive adventure with more than 1700 exotic plants and animals. In the Moody Gardens Rainforest, you will find some fascinating animals such as the Ocelot, Komodo Dragon, Giant Amazon River Otters, white-faced saki monkeys, sloths, and lots more.
This exhibit’s highlight is the canopy walkway that has the Gardens butterfly exhibit, where you will see thousands of colorful butterflies belonging to a variety of different species fluttering about. 
The Cloud Forest section has various colorful frogs and artifacts used by the people belonging to these rainforests. 
The Rainforest floor is home to some fascinating creatures such as the African palm civet, prehensile-tailed porcupine, and other nocturnal animals. 
This section also has various exotic plants in the Asian Rainforest, such as the carnivorous pitcher plants, colorful orchids, and the rare Chinese Alligators. 
Explore the Mayan ruins, home to a giant anaconda, caiman lizards, vampire bats, and other unique animals in the Central and South America Rainforests. This section also has several colorful macaws, spotted ocelot, and a cascading waterfall.
The last section is the African trail, where there are the spider plant, the dead rat tree, and other exotic plants native to the African continent. This section also has the Brazilian rainbow boa and the cobalt blue tarantula. 

Discovery Pyramid

Moody Gardens Discovery Pyramid has traveling exhibits from around the world. 
The Skeleton exhibit tells all about the structure and function of bones both in humans and animals. It showcases every information about bones, from their biology to bone health to the different roles that bones play in different world cultures. 
Skeleton resembles a small town. It has a Health Centre that teaches about bones, how to repair broken bones, the skeletal system of various animals, and a food truck that features how healthy food and exercise help bone health.
A Cultural Centre in the Skeleton showcases the various roles bone play in different cultures of the world. 

Interactive Adventures in the Discovery Pyramid

This exhibit takes you to an unforgettable adventure of traveling in a submarine complete with aquatic animals. You will be part of the crew, and a robotically enhanced pufferfish will lead the voyage – Deep and helpers Echo and Torque. 
Explore coral reefs, ice caves in the Antarctic, volcanoes on the ocean floor, and so much more. You will also encounter killer whales, sea turtles, stingrays, a large squid, and other marine animals. 
As the action gets intense, the 3D images become more real with 4D sensory elements. 
This exciting and interactive exhibit in the Gardens Discovery Museum is a non-stop adventure of surprises that is fun for all age groups. 

Moody Gardens 3D and 4D Theatre

Moody Theatre experience is phenomenal, with incredibly realistic three-dimensional images projected on the largest screen in Texas. 
Gardens Imax theatre features a state-of-the-art surround sound and projection system, which provides for one of the world’s best 3-D viewing experiences. 
The theatre experience is further enhanced with the unique 4D effects that include sensory effects like aromas, visual effects, enhanced audio, and touch. The unique show controls put you right in the middle of the whole action. 
Experience bubbles, mist, wind, smoke, and other special effects. 

Zip Lines and Rope Courses

Indulge in an adrenaline rush with the new five-tier Sky Trail®, Explorer Ropes Course, and exciting new Moody Gardens Zip Line. Snap the harness on and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the whole resort with the pyramids and all from 60 feet up in the air. 
The 71-foot Moody Gardens rope course has over 48 obstacles suitable for the entire family to enjoy a fun-filled activity. There are criss-cross ropes, Burma buckets, and several other types of rope courses. 
Children between the age of 2 to 7 years or 48 inches and under in height can enjoy the adventure on the smaller scale rope course – Sky Tykes™ Ropes Course.

Colonel Paddlewheel Boat Ride

 Enjoy a boat ride on Moody Gardens Paddleboat – Colonel. This boat is a replica of the 1800s paddleboats, and it is a triple deck sternwheeler with a 650 passenger capacity making it one of the largest paddle boats that has ever cruised on this side of the Galveston area. 
The interiors have elegant drapes, carpeting, and colorful lighting. A uniformed staff ensures you have an adventure that is incomparable aboard the Colonel.
The Moody’s boatColonel, is available for private parties onboard the morning and evening cruises. Besides the hour-long cruises, the paddle boat is also available for dinner and private cruises. 

The Palm Beach

Gardens Palm Beach is the favorite summer hangout for everyone in Galveston. Once summer season sets in, grab your sunscreens, snap on your sunglasses, and get ready to sink your toes in the white sands of Moody Gardens Beach
Palm Beach has all kinds of entertainment that turn this whole area into a great Moody Gardens water park. Here you will find the Splash Pad, the Tower Slide, the Wave Pool, Aquarium Adventure, the 650 ft Moody Gardens Lazy River, and lots more. 
Click to learn more about Palm Beach.

Golf at Moody Gardens

Moody Gardens Golf course is a first-class public golf course. The renovated course now has a Paspalum turf, which is designed for seaside golf courses. This kind of turf provides for an ideal playing surface. Nearly 500 palm trees surround the course to maintain its seaside look and feel.
The renovated course also has a more extensive practice range, a new fleet of golf carts, a clubhouse, and a pro-shop. The Kitchen and banquet facility play host to quite a few golf and non-golf events. 
The Moody Gardens restaurant at the Golf Course, Pelican Grille, offers an excellent selection of food and beverages served on the clubhouse’s patio, offering a great view of the golf course. 


Moody Gardens restaurant

Moody Gardens Hotel, Spa, and Convention Center

Moody Gardens Hotel, Spa, and Convention Center is a 4-diamond star resort located in Galveston, Texas. The hotel features upscale onsite and in-room amenities that can turn any holiday or event into one of the most memorable moments you can experience. 
There are 428 well-appointed guest rooms complete with a flat-screen TV, complimentary wifi, in-room coffee maker, and other room amenities. 
Moody Gardens Galveston Hotel has much to offer onsite. The hotel has indoor and outdoor heated pools, a large fitness center, ballrooms and meeting spaces, multiple dining options, and several other facilities.
Several Moody Gardens reviews guests have raved about the Moody Gardens indoor pool with its pool-length skylight and floor to ceiling windows overlooking the outdoor pool. 
The Moody Gardens spa offers a wide range of massages, skin and hair care therapies, and several treatments that can rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. 
The Moody Gardens Convention Centre features 103,000 square feet of event space ideal for conferences, meetings, trade shows, and celebrations such as weddings, receptions, and other personal and social events. 
The hotel is also attached to the Moody Gardens Pyramids and all that it has to offer. So you won’t need to go too far to enjoy and entertain yourself. 
To make your vacation even more unique, particularly during the holidays, the hotel offers special Moody Gardens holiday packages that include breathtaking views of the Moody Gardens lights and an overnight stay at the hotel.
There are different types of Moody Gardens packages, such as the unique Festival of Lights package for couples or family, which is valid only for the weekends. 
There are other Moody Gardens in Galveston Texas Hotel packages such as Holiday in the Gardens for couples or family and the Explore Holiday in the Gardens for couples or family. 

Dining At Moody Gardens

The Gardens has both casual and fine dining restaurants on the property. You can enjoy great Moody Gardens food at the Aquarium Pyramid Foodcourt, The Garden Restaurant in the visitor center, Concession at the Rainforest Pyramid, Shern’s and the Terrace Restaurant at the Hotel, etc.

Attractions Dining


  • Rainforest Concession 

This concession is located in the visitors center and serves various combo meals, fast food snacks, and beverages. 

  • Aquarium Pyramid Food Court

This food joint is located in the Aquarium Pyramid’s lower level and serves a variety of burgers, chicken, tacos, and other lunch and snack items. 

  • The Garden Restaurant

This Moody Garden restaurant is located in the visitor center featuring a casual dining setting with a delectable selection of soups, salads, pasta, seafood, desserts, and refreshing beverages. 

  • Palm Beach Shoreline Grill

It is a seasonal restaurant that is located in the Palm Beach section of the Gardens. It is a surfside snack bar, and the menu features typical fares with burgers, fries, kid’s meals, combo packs, and a variety of refreshing beverages. 

Moody Gardens Hotels Dining

The property’s restaurants feature both casual, fine dining, and seasonal options within the hotel premises. There are seven dining options within the hotel.

  • Cafe in the Park

Located on the hotel’s first floor, this is a casual dining restaurant featuring an excellent menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. On weekends there is a breakfast buffet with a unique waffle and omelet bar. 

  • Shearn’s Seafood & Prime Steaks

It is one of the best fine dining Moody Gardens hotel restaurants in Galveston, Texas, and a AAA’s Four Diamond Award of Excellence winner. The restaurant has the floor to ceiling windows with great views of the Gulf waters, Moody Gardens pyramids, and Galveston sunsets.
Shearn’s is also available for private, social events, as well as corporate get-togethers. 
Moody Gardens reservations are available online, or you can call on the  Moody Gardens hotel phone number to make a reservation. 
To know more click Here
Moody Gardens dining

    • Moody Brews

    It is the hotel’s coffee shop, and it carries some of the best community brews as well as a few grab-and-go items for your convenience.

    • Lobby Bar

    The Lobby Bar is located in the lobby area, and it offers a casual place where guests and visitors enjoy a relaxing sip of the Bar’sBar’s specially crafted cocktails or munch on something light.
    You can enjoy a game on the large screen TV or relax with a game of pool. There is also a working area with a charging station for those who want to enjoy a drink while working.

    • Galveston Hotel Pool Bar

    This seasonal swim-up BarBar by the Moody Gardens pool is a great place to grab a cocktail while enjoying a dip in the Moody Gardens hotel pool. The pool bar also serves an excellent selection of poolside snacks such as buffalo wings, fruit bowls, and other snacks. 

    • Blossoms

    It is another seasonal eatery within the hotel’s premises with a snack bar and a wide range of Blue Bells ice creams. Enjoy freshly made waffles cones, frozen desserts, and other snacks at Blossoms.

    • Holiday Dinners and Special 

    The Moody Garden Resorts have special dinner events throughout the year, especially during the holidays. Details are updated on the official website regularly. Click the link below to know more.

    Dining at the Golf Course

    The Pelican Grille is a restaurant on the Golf Course with a perfect view of the lush greenery. The restaurant serves a diverse menu with unique diet options as well.

    The Gift Shops at Moody Gardens

    Explore the property’s extensive list of attractions to your heart’s content, then get a retail therapy fix at the Moody Gardens gift shop and purchase souvenirs and memorabilia to remember the time you spent here.
    These souvenirs and keepsakes are also great gifting options, especially during the holidays.
    Moody Gardens Texas has two gift shops – One in the Aquarium Pyramid and the other in the Visitor Center. These shops carry a fascinating selection of souvenirs and keepsakes such as T-Shirts, Souvenirs, Tropical plushies, Games, Educational toys, Scientific toys, etc. 
    Boutique La Fluer – This gift shop is in the Moody Gardens Hotel lobby and carries a vast selection of keepsakes such as T-shirts, swimwear, Moody Gardens logo items, jewelry, keychains, and lots more. 

    Work At Moody Gardens

    If you are looking for options to build your Moody Gardens career, keep track of the various openings available at the property from time to time. 
    Know more about the Moody Gardens jobs by clicking here 

    Special Season Events at the Moody Gardens in Houston, Texas


    Festivals of Lights

    Moody Gardens Festival of Lights is an exciting annual festival that celebrates the holidays with fun-filled activities, great food, and the best music. There is a one-mile trail covered in two million lights and animated displays alongside. Some of the most popular displays include the Nutcracker, Toy Factory, Nativity Scene, etc. 
    Moody Gardens Christmas celebration is magical with millions of lights, unique displays showcasing many themes, Santa’s Workshop where you can visit Santa and take a picture with him, and so much more. 
    At various points along the lit-up paths, picnic tables are set up, and patrons can buy various holiday treats such as hot chocolate, turkey legs, corn dogs, flavored popcorns, and many others. You can toast your smores and while enjoying the Moody Gardens lights.

    New Years Eve at Moody’s Gardens

    Moody Gardens rings in the New Year with a celebration that has become a part of Galveston traditions. The Moody Gardens New Years’ Eve celebrations begin with the New Year Gala. 
    Live music, open BarBar, party favors, a lavish buffet spread, Champagne toast, midnight ball drop, and lots more are in the Moody Gardens schedule for the New Year’s Eve celebrations. 

    Moody Garden Iceland

    Every holiday season, Moody Gardens in Galveston builds this towering Ice Castle surrounded by incredible ice sculptures that turn the entire place into a magical white fairyland. 
    A team of award-winning ice sculptors from Harbin, China, are flown in for the event. Approximately 900 tonnes of ice is carved out into various themed creations to make this magical land of ice. 
    Moody Gardens Iceland is created in a 28,000 square foot insulated tent that maintains the 9 Degrees Fahrenheit temperature. This Iceland was started in 2014, and now it has become one of the most popular holiday attractions in Galveston, Texas. 
    Each year, the theme changes and brings about a holiday cheer that locals and visitors love. Over the years, one of the most popular Iceland characters was the Moody Gardens SpongeBob Squarepants, introduced in 2015. 
    The Moody Gardens Iceland 2019 theme was Christmas Around the World, and it showcased how different cultures across the globe celebrate Christmas. The ice sculptures featured major landmarks worldwide, including the Eiffel Tower, Great Wall of China, the Alamo, Big Ben, and many others. 

    Organize your events at Moody Gardens




    A Moody Gardens wedding is nothing short of a fairytale with ideal spaces for both an intimate wedding and a full-scale grand event. You can choose from a casual island wedding to a fairytale ballroom ceremony. 
    You can pick from a wide variety of theme weddings, such as an aquatic ceremony at the Moody Gardens Aquarium or a Tropical wedding in the Rainforests Aquarium or a romantic cruise wedding at the paddleboat, and many more.
    The event spaces at this phenomenal property not only gives you the perfect venue, but they also have a perfect team of event organizers and caterers that will help you in organizing the whole event without any hassles.
    Click here to know more about Moody Gardens Event space:

    Social Events

    Whether you are looking for a casual dinner or a full black-tie dinner, Moody Gardens has the perfect setting for any event. Plan any event, be it family or class reunions, bridal or baby showers, birthday parties, quinceaneras, BarBar and bat mitzvahs, rehearsal dinners, or any other special moment that you want to celebrate. 
    Gardens Hotel has specially designed the Gulf Coast Event Services to ensure that every one of your events is a successful one. Everything is covered right from room rentals to equipment, designing the perfect menu, and taking care of every detail. 

    Corporate Meetings Conferences and Trade Shows

    Moody Gardens Houston has well-equipped meeting rooms and conference rooms to host any event, be it in person or virtually. Gardens Convention Centre has large expo halls and elegant ballrooms ideal for trade shows, retreats, conferences, big galas, and any other event. 
    The professional team at the property, with their expert knowledge, provides end to end services to make your Moody Garden events a memorable one.

    Moody Gardens Discount Tickets

    General Admission for children of three years and under is free. 
    Moody Gardens tickets are available in several categories.
    The One Day Gardens Value Pass includes:

    • Admission to the Aquarium Pyramid.
    • Rainforest Pyramid.
    • The Moody Gardens Discovery Museum.
    • Colonel Paddleboat.
    • Dinos Alive.
    • Gardens movies in each of the three theatres. 

    Gardens Galveston Ticket prices  
    Adults – $60 
    Senior Citizens/Children (4-12) – $50

    Special Discounts

    Moody Gardens extends special discounts to military personnel, both active and retired. With the Moody Gardens military discounts, you can purchase the one day value pass at $30 by presenting a valid ID.
    Mommy Wednesday offers a special Moody Gardens Day Pass at $30 for moms and dads with children aged 4 to 5.
    Got good grades? Then enjoy free admission to one of Moody Gardens attractions by showing your report card within 30 days. Grades should be nothing less than a B. 

    Membership Benefits

    Enjoy Moody Gardens’ attractions all year round and enjoy several benefits by purchasing the Moody Gardens Membership at $100 per person.

    Member Benefits and Privileges

    Unlimited admissions to the Gardens’ attractions such as MG 3D Theater, 4D Special FX Theater, Rainforest Pyramid, Aquarium Pyramid, Discovery Museum, 20,000 Leagues: An Interactive Adventure, and Colonel Paddlewheel Boat

    • Members also get other benefits and privileges


    • Special discounts for Moody Gardens Hotel Spa


    • 20% off on purchases from any Gardens Gift shops


    • Special discounts at the concession stands and restaurants


    • Get the best rates at the Moody Gardens hotel.


    • Special previews of films and exhibits


    • Special members-only monthly events


    • $2 off on single attractions tickets and Day Passes for guests of Members.


    Discounts, Coupons, and Promo codes

    Several Moody Gardens promo codes are available online that offer up to 50% off on Moody Gardens Galveston tickets prices.
    The various Moody Garden discount codes get Moody Gardens Aquarium tickets and Moody Gardens Aquarium coupons at unbelievable rates over the internet. 
    Coupons for Moody Gardens Aquarium Pyramid tickets are available online starting at $17.95 
    Special Moody Gardens coupons for family memberships are available on the internet at $380 and for individuals at $99.
    Coupons to Moody Gardens zipline and rope courses are available at 25% off on the regular Day Pass. 
    Moody Gardens Groupon special offers are available all year round for single attractions as well as combo deals. 
    The hotel offers special Moody Gardens hotel discount codes and packages at the best available rates starting from $129. 
    Purchase the special Moody Gardens Season Pass to enjoy all the seasonal festivities and celebrations that Moody Gardens organizes yearly. 
    Find out more about how much is Moody Gardens tickets online and the various offers by clicking here.

    Moody Gardens Operating Hours

    Operating hours at Moody Gardens vary seasonally and according to the different Gardens attractions.
    The general Gardens hours are between 10 AM to 4 PM.

    Where is Moody Gardens located?

    Moody Gardens address is 
    One Hope Boulevard
    Galveston, Texas 77554
    Get directions to Gardens and also download the Gardens map by clicking here.

    Hotels near Moody Gardens Galveston



    Comfort Suites Galveston

    This hotel is just minutes away from Moody Gardens and provides comfortable rooms with balconies, hot tubs, and free wifi. The hotel has an outdoor whirlpool, a seasonal pool, a fitness center, a business center, and several other amenities. 

    Inn At The Park

    This hotel is just 0.4 miles away from the property, and it features comfortable air-conditioned rooms with flat-screen TVs, wifi, a fitness center, and complimentary breakfast. The best feature of the hotel is their mini-golf, which guests enjoy playing.

    Galveston Inn & Suites Hotel

    This hotel is about a mile from Moody Gardens featuring air-conditioned rooms. 
    Each room comes with a microwave, a refrigerator, and a coffee machine. Some rooms have sea views with an outdoor seating area. 

    Baymont by Wyndham Galveston

    It is a beautiful hotel located within walking distance from the Gulf of Mexico. The hotel offers spacious and comfortable rooms with free wifi throughout the property. Rooms have a microwave and refrigerator as well as a seating area. 
    There is a 24-hour front desk, an outdoor pool, and a business center. 

    Best Western Plus Galveston Suites

    This hotel is close to quite a few attractions in Galveston, and it features excellent rooms with hot tubs. The property has an outdoor pool, a fitness center, a business center, and a 24-hour front desk. Some rooms offer balconies with ocean views, and the beach is just a stone’s throw away. 

    Restaurants near Moody Gardens


    • Cajun Creek

    Located within 1.2 miles from Moody Gardens, this is one of the most popular restaurants near Moody Gardensserving a wide range of American cuisine, seafood, Greek Cajun and Creole cuisines, and various vegetarian-friendly items.

    • Grotto Ristorante

    This restaurant is about 2 miles away from Moody Gardens and offers a fascinating selection of pizzas, seafood, Italian cuisine, along with gluten-free options as well as vegetarian options. Veal, ravioli, pizzas, and Caprese salad are some of the most popular dishes.

    • The Steakhouse

    This fine-dining restaurant is just 2 miles away from Moody Gardens and offers an excellent menu and wine list. It has been selected as one of the top-ranking steakhouses in Texas multiple times, offering a first-class dining experience. 

    • Number 13

    This restaurant offers Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner featuring American cuisine, steakhouse, and seafood selections. 
    They also have special diet items such as Vegan and gluten-free options. The restaurant also offers outdoor seating with excellent views of the surrounding area. 

    • Jungle Cafe

    It is an excellent value for money restaurant near Moody Gardens offering a selection of typical American cafe food but with great taste and flavors. They are famous for their burgers made with hand-made patties. 

    Top 10 Attractions near Moody Gardens Houston


    • Skydive Galveston


    • Schlitterbahn Galveston Island Waterpark


    • Galveston’s 61st Street Fishing Pier


    • The Seawall


    • Magic Carpet Golf


    • The Bryan Museum


    • Rosenberg Library


    • Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig & Museum


    • 1892 Bishop’s Palace
    • Galveston Railroad Museum


    Final Words

    Moody Gardens Galveston uses entertainment and fun ways to teach visitors about nature, wildlife, and conservation. The property has all kinds of entertainment opportunities that would pique the interests of every visitor. The Gardens is also a major attraction, especially during the holidays, because of the special arrangements made to ring in the festivities. 
    Right from the Festival of Lights to the special Thanksgiving Dinner, Moody Gardens has it all to make sure your celebrations lack nothing in terms of food, music, entertainment, and most important of all, unforgettable memories. 
    Whether a simple vacation or a day out with family and friends, Moody Gardens is the one stop shop for every kind of entertainment. 

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