Denver Aquarium – Explore the Mystical Aquatic World

Denver Aquarium was initially known by Ocean Journey Aquarium’s name when Landry’s Restaurants, Inc bought it in 2003. Later, in 2005, the aquarium was redesigned and came to be known as Downtown Aquarium,
Denver. Today, the aquarium is a prime entertainment destination for all those residing in Denver or visiting the city. The aquarium boasts of a massive variety of fish and other animals, all contained in massive 1,000,000 US gallons of water. 
This fun family hub has an upscale casual Denver Aquarium dining space too, where you get delicious grub and drinks. You can spend an entire day exploring all the extraordinary exhibits and dine at the Denver Aquarium restaurant, overlooking the aquarium.
Besides being an entertainment hub for children and adults alike, the aquarium is an excellent learning platform. Many schools plan field trips here for children to educate them about marine life and its conservation. 
It also has many job openings and internships for people interested in conserving and serving aquatic life. You can get all the information about it on the Denver Aquarium website. 
It will tell you about the things to see and give the latest updates on Denver Aquarium hours and prices and Denver Aquarium happy hour. You can also get Denver Aquarium tickets online from the website.
To know more about the aquarium and its latest shows and events, you can follow their Facebook page too.  It showcases all the colorful exhibits with fascinating sea creatures and more.

From the mystical mermaids who teach you all about conservation to magnificent exhibits with beautiful sea creatures, there will be something that is right up your alley. So get ready to dive into a day of fun, entertainment, and learning at the Denver Aquarium.

History of Denver Aquarium

The aquarium was opened in June 1999 by Bill Fleming and Judy Petersen Fleming as a nonprofit organization under the name Colorado’s Ocean Journey. 
It got an accreditation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums soon and ran house-full for many years. However, after the 9/11 tragedy, the number of visitors reduced drastically, making it tough to maintain the aquarium. 
In 2002, the Colorado Ocean Journey Liquidation Inc. Filed for bankruptcy, and in 2003, it was purchased by Landry’s Restaurants, Inc. It opened to the public in 2005 as a 150,000-US-gallon marine aquarium with a restaurant, bar, and ballroom and was renamed Downtown Aquarium.

A specialty of Denver Aquarium

A delicate blend of fun, delicious dining, and spectacular marine life are what Denver Aquarium is all about. Add to it a wide variety of exhibits to explore, events, and shows to keep you on the edge of your seat, 
and special prices and Denver Aquarium tickets discount coupons to make it affordable for you to visit this haven. Let’s find out what makes this aquarium a great place to visit.

Coupons to Denver Aquarium

Making your trip to the aquarium much more affordable are the Denver Aquarium coupons. These coupons for Denver Aquarium offer a gamut of packages and deals depends on where you get them. From discounted entry to events and shows to a cut in Denver Aquarium prices on admission and even food discounts.
You can avail all that and more from these coupons. Once you purchase the coupons, all you need to do is provide the Denver Aquarium coupon code at the entry and avail the benefits.
Check out Denver Aquarium coupons 2019 and Denver Aquarium coupons 2018 to know how they work and what benefits you can get.
One of the trusted vendors to get discounts from is Groupon. Go to their website and type Groupon for Denver Aquarium, and you will get all the options. Denver Aquarium Groupon tickets usually offer packages depending on the family size.

Denver Aquarium free days

Some of the days in the year, the aquarium offers its visitors free entry. These are updated on the website regularly under Denver Aquarium free days 2020
Keep checking for the latest inputs on it, and get yourself a free ticket to the aquarium. You can also check out Denver Aquarium free days 2019 to know more about what all benefits visitors can avail of here.

Denver Aquarium discount

Tickets to Denver Aquarium are often given at discounted prices under unique heads. For instance, there is a Denver Aquarium military discount, which applies to all military personnel, offering tickets to the exhibits and the rides at a 10% discounted rate.
You can also avail of a Denver Aquarium AAA discount, which is primarily for AAA members. Similarly, there is a Denver Aquarium EBT discount, so if you get any of these Denver Aquarium discount tickets and reap its benefits.

Denver Aquarium wine fest

Every year, the aquarium celebrates week-long festivities with the best of the wines from Italy and around. It is a fun combination of adventure activities, great wine, and delectable food all in one place. You can get a glimpse of the event from the updates on the Denver Aquarium wine fest 2019.
Along with drinking some good wine and enjoying a day in the sun, you can have a meet and greet session with the marine animals where you get up close and personal with sharks, tortoises, snakes, and more.

Celebrate Halloween in style

Celebrate Halloween, one of the most awaited and fun-filled festivals for children at the aquarium, with many games, costume contests, craft activities, and gifts. To know more about what all is in store for you, check out the events of the Denver Aquarium Halloween 2019 and also get the Denver Aquarium prices for 2019 for the event.

Denver Aquarium admission

Denver Aquarium prices are quite affordable, making it easy for everyone to have a day full of fun, adventure, and learning with the magical sea creatures.
To know about the latest updates on aquarium in Denver prices, you can visit the website. The Denver Aquarium ticket prices are meant only for the exhibits. 
The ride tickets and the 4D theater shows are priced separately. You need to show a valid I.D. and ticket voucher to get the ticket at the venue. Here is the breakdown of the various categories of Denver Aquarium cost:
Denver Aquarium ticket prices for only the exhibits are:
Adults (12-64) – $23.50
Seniors (65+) – $22.50
Children (3-11) – $17.50
Children (2 and under) – FREE
You can also purchase an Aquarium Exhibit Value Ticket, including an Exhibit, one 4-D experience, and your choice of two value items, including; Stingray Fish Food, Face Paint, Small Soda, or Coconut Tree Climb. 
Adults (12-64)- $30.00
Seniors (65+) – $29.50
Children (3-11) – $24.50
Children (2 and under) – FREE
You can also purchase Aquarium Exhibit Plus Pass that includes an exhibit ticket and one 4-D experience:
Adults (12-64) – $28.50
Seniors (65+) – $27.50
Children (3-11) – $22.50
Children (2 and under) – FREE
For Amusements at the aquarium:
4-D Theater Experience (without the purchase of Exhibit ticket) – $7.25
Aquatic Carousel – $3.00
Aquarium Express – $3.00

Denver Aquarium membership

The aquarium also offers annual memberships for those who want to visit the aquarium multiple times. It makes it more cost-effective. You save on ticket costs and parking, food, beverages, and purchases at the gift shop.

Single MembershipMembership – $85.

It includes – Unlimited visits for a year to the exhibits. You also get a 4D Theater ticket, one guest pass, 10% discount on food and beverages in the Aquarium Restaurant for four adults, 50% off self-parking, 10% discount in the gift shop, 10% off on education programs, and also at all retail outlets and attractions.

Captain’s Membership – $169

It includes all the benefits of a single MembershipMembership along with three more memberships and four one-time visit guest passes.

Admiral’s MembershipMembership – $199

It includes all the benefits of Single Membership, and with it, you get three additional memberships and eight one-time visit passes.
.You also get a 10% discount for four adults at restaurants including, Landry’s Seafood House, Saltgrass Steak House, Simms Steakhouse, Chart House in Colorado, Oceanaire Seafood Room, Morton’s, and Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

Denver Aquarium gift shop

Have ever-lasting memories of your visit to the aquarium with souvenirs and gifts from the Treasure Chest Denver Aquarium store. This beautiful shop has some treasures from the deep, blue sea in the form of toys, stuffed animals, home decor items, and stunning aquatic-themed products. 
You can also take beautiful Denver Aquarium pictures and pick up an appropriate themed frame to keep the picture in it. You can avail some discounts at the store if you have a valid Denver Aquarium discount code. 
So shop till you drop at this dreamland of aquarium merchandise packaged beautifully as a beautiful remembrance.

Denver Aquarium exhibits

The aquarium is a mesmerizing maze of colorful exhibits with many Denver Aquarium animals living in them comfortably. 
They are a visual delight for visitors with many different habitats, including; coral lagoons, wharf habitat, coral reefs, deserts, and the rainforest. 
Each of them has flora and fauna specific to their region. All the exhibits feature freshwater fish native to Colorado and also oceanic sea animals from across the world. It is undoubtedly a magnificent place to visit, with more than 500 species of animals residing in this paradise. 

Rainforest Exhibit

The aquarium has more than marine life. At the Rainforest exhibit, you can get a chance to admire the majestic Denver Aquarium tiger prowling around.
Once you are done staring at this beast, you can see the sharp-toothed red belly piranha, Arowana, and freshwater stingrays. They all live cordially in this display, exhibiting the myriad variety of animals.

North American Exhibit

This exhibit is home to an array of habitats and creatures of all sizes. Have a marvelous Denver Aquarium otter experience at the North American exhibit along with turtles, alligators, rainbow trout, sunfish, and many more exciting animals. The Denver Aquarium otters are the showstoppers here.  

Beach Exhibit

Want to feed a stingray? Now is your chance to do it. At the Beach Exhibit, you can get to feed this beast and run your hands on their hide. After experiencing this exciting event, move over to see the Giant Pacific Denver Aquarium octopus, strolling across the seafloor along with all the other fantastic marine creatures around.

Under Sea caves

Denver Aquarium under sea caves
This coral reef themed exhibit is home to the pretty seahorses, giant grouper, blue runners, and more. 
If you are lucky, you can also see the mystic Denver Aquarium mermaids swimming in the exhibit, showing you the wonders of the ocean. Do book the Mystic Mermaids show where the mermaids perform choreographed flips and twirls.

Desert Exhibit

This aquarium has much more than marine creatures. The desert exhibit will showcase just that. From creepy tarantulas to the endangered desert pupfish, bearded dragon, and many other desert residents, you will find all of them in this arid, dessert display.

Coral Lagoon Exhibit

Get a glimpse of a barrier reef up close and personal, and while doing so, you will find much dainty fish like butterflyfish, lobster, damselfish, and angelfish. Take your time to mosey through this beautiful display of color and vibrance. 

The Warf

Home to hardy animals and changing tides, this exhibit showcases sea anemones, leopard sharks, rockfish, cabezon, and lumpfish.

The Shipwreck

Watch a vivid shipwreck painted on the exhibit’s walls and look at the brilliant replica of a coral reef. You can spot some fantastic sea animals around it, including; brown and tiger sharks, jellyfish, green sawfish, sea nettle, and more.

Ancient Temple Exhibit

Explore the human-made ruins of an ancient underwater temple at this exhibit. Swarming with marine life, including batfish, zebra sharks, lionfish, and more, entices visitors of all ages.

Denver Aquarium events

Besides visiting the beautiful exhibits and witnessing the myriad marine creatures and other animals, you can also experience some bone-chilling adventures, watch some exciting shows at the 4-D theater and go on fun rides, making your visit to the aquarium a memorable one.

Denver Aquarium diving

Denver Aquarium diving
Enjoy an adrenaline-filled activity at the Denver Aquarium swim with sharks event. If you are a certified diver, you can dive into the Sunken Shipwreck exhibit and swim with the Denver Aquarium sharks, turtles, barracuda, guitarfish, and sawfish. It costs $185 per person.
If you are not a diver, you can still meet the beastly sharks and get a panoramic view of the 400,000-gallon Shipwreck Exhibit as you are lowered into a Denver Aquarium shark cage. This encounter costs – $100 per person.

Denver Aquarium meet and greet

Enjoy a friendly encounter with the lazy sloth at the Denver Aquarium sloth meet and greet event. You can spend time with him and get to know more about this creature and its conservation. 
This special event is charged separately, and there are special days for the event. Check out the Denver Aquarium sloth meet and greet 2020 program on the website to get to know more. Often Denver Aquarium coupons 2020 have a special ticket for this event.

Denver Aquarium swims with the fish.

Experience an aquatic adventure like no other as you swim with the fish in the aquarium. So get ready for a face-to-fin encounter with stingrays, moray eels, drums, grouper, and a school of cownose rays. This encounter is priced at $85 per person and needs prior booking.  


The aquarium has a lavishly decorated and well-equipped ballroom rented out for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, group events, and more. 
With a mesmerizing backdrop of sea animals, impeccable service, and delectable food, this venue is perfect to plan your next special event. Make your child’s birthday special with a slumber party in an exhibit and sleep overnight watching the beautiful sea animals. 
There are special packages for a Denver Aquarium birthday party or a Denver Aquarium wedding. Here are the packages for birthday parties for your little ones.

  • Mermaid package costs $375 for eight children with $35 per additional child.
  • The toddler package is valid for kids in the age group of 1-4 years and costs $220 for ten children.
  • The pirate package is applicable for children in the age group of 1-12 years and costs $375 for eight children with $30 per additional child. 
  • The sweet Teen package is applicable for children13 years and above and costs $49.99 per child.
  • Walk the Plank Birthday Package is valid for kids in the age group of 6 years and above and costs $120 per child.
  • Swim with the Mermaids Package is valid for kids in 6 years and above and costs $125 per child.
  • Under the Sea Slumber Party Package is valid for kids in the age group of 6-12 years and costs $85 per person.


Denver Aquarium breakfast with Santa

On special days like Christmas, the aquarium arranges for a magical time with Santa Claus. You can dine at the aquarium, where Santa Claus and the aquarium mascot, Sharkey, will join you for a delicious breakfast. 
You can take pictures with both of them and make your Christmas unique and memorable. There are special discount coupons available for this event. Just show the Denver Aquarium promo code and avail the benefits.

Denver Aquarium 4d theater

Be treated to smells, splashes of water, heavy wind, and flashing lights as you take your seat in the 4D theater at the aquarium. There are specific shows where you 15-minute movies with sensory simulators and 3D glasses. 
So get ready for a fun ride with your favorite sea creatures. Be sure to book the tickets online as the seats get filled fast. You can get the Denver Aquarium 4d theater schedule from the website.
Besides this, the aquarium also offers a Sea Safari Summer Camp, Snorkel and Scuba adventure program, and the chance to be a zoologist or a marine biologist for a day. Enjoy all these exciting and exciting events, encounters, and shows at this paradise of sea animals.

Fun and Learning

Besides regular events and shows, the aquarium also arranges special customized programs for families, school children, and scouts. These educational programs are made enjoyable with a lot of activities and games.

Family Programs

Enjoy spending time with your family as you discover the wonderful aquatic world through camps, overnight stays at the aquarium, and behind-the-scene-tours. Each program is priced differently, so check the website for the latest costs.

School Programs

Have a fun, educational day, and bring the school to the aquarium with these programs. There are separate sessions for both teachers and children.
Teachers are taught about field trips, classroom resources, and professional development. Children learn about sea creatures, conservation, habitats, and more through self-guided tours or personalized guided tours. Each program is priced differently.

Scouts Programs

Earn your scout badge at the aquarium through activities and games. Spend a day at the aquarium and learn about the habitat of the beautiful sea creatures. You can also spend a night here and experience the venue and the magnificent beings that reside here.

Denver Aquarium jobs

If you love marine life and want to spend time with sea creatures and look after their rehabilitation and conservation, then a job at the aquarium is apt for you.
Keep a check on the Denver Aquarium careers page to know about the latest job openings. One of the popular positions is the Denver Aquarium mermaid job. It allows you to be close to the sea animals as you swim in their enclosure and educate visitors about them.
Besides regular jobs, you can also get hands-on training through Denver Aquarium internships and be a part of the team. You can also enroll in the
Denver Aquarium volunteer program and do your bit for the marine environment while learning new skills.

Important information about the aquarium


Denver Aquarium hours

The aquarium is open for long hours. Here is the schedule:
Monday – Thursday: 10am – 8pm
Friday: 9:30am – 8:30pm
Saturday: 9am – 8:30pm
Sunday: 9am – 8pm

Denver Aquarium address

700 Water Street, Denver, CO 80211. For any queries, you can call the Denver Aquarium phone number: (303) 561-4450. You can check out the Denver Aquarium map to know the exact location of the aquarium.

Directions to Denver Aquarium

If you are flying into Denver, you can get to the aquarium via train, taking about 2 hours. You could also take a bus (104L and 120X), which will also take about 2hours. The other options are taxi and shuttle, both taking about 30 minutes.
If you are in self-drive mode. You can take three routes to the aquarium:

  • From I-25 Northbound

Exit 23rd Avenue (Exit 211) and take to the right. You will see the aquarium on your right-hand side.

  • From I-25 Southbound

Exit 23rd Avenue (Exit 211) and take a left at the sign. You will have the aquarium on your right-hand side.

  • Through Downtown Denver

Go west on 15th street to reach Platte Street. Take a left turn at Platte and keep going past the REI Building. You will reach Water Street. The aquarium will be on the left side of the street.

Denver Aquarium parking

The aquarium has a parking space of its own across the street from the building. The Denver Aquarium parking costs $8, but if you are eating at the aquarium restaurant after 6 pm, your parking ticket can get validated.

Is Denver Aquarium open?

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Denver Aquarium reopening took some time, but Denver Aquarium is open now with certain restrictions. Please check the website to find out the latest about it.

Hotels near Denver Aquarium

There are many hotels close to Denver Aquarium that are affordable and comfortable to stay. All are located at a few minutes’ driving time, making it convenient for you to commute to and fro. All the prices are subject to change, so please check the hotel website for the latest prices.
Embassy Suites by Hilton Denver 
This chic, modern hotel is about two k.m. from the Denver Aquarium downtown and offers all the facilities for a luxurious stay. It is within walking distance from some of the best attractions in the city. It is priced at $400 per night.

Kimpton Hotel Born

Located about two k.m. from Denver Aquarium Colorado, the hotel boasts luxurious rooms with contemporary fittings and furnishings. 
With a fitness center, huge meeting room, restaurants, and swimming pools, it makes for a brilliant choice to stay while visiting Denver. The rooms are priced at $230 per night.

  1. Tru By Hilton Denver Downtown Convention Center

The hotel is conveniently located near the theater district and about two k.m. from Denver Aquarium Denver Colorado, making it idle for all those visiting the city.
Priced at $160 per night, this mid-range hotel is an ideal choice for those wanting affordable lodging with all the comforts.

  1. The Curtis Denver – a DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel

Experience a 5-star like stay in a budget range hotel as it is equipped with all the modern amenities you would get in a world-class hotel. 
Private parking, a fitness center, bar, and restaurants is an excellent choice for those on a tight budget. Each room costs $120 per night.

Nativ Hotel

Priced at $100 per night, the Nativ Hotel is the ultimate choice for someone on a shoestring budget. All the rooms are compact with a modern, cozy appeal and an urban flair.

Aquarium Restaurant

Denver Aquarium restaurant
The aquarium boasts a full-fledged dining space with delectable cuisine served with the right tropical fish forming a beautiful backdrop. 
Denver Aquarium food is to be tried to be believed, from continental to hard-core American dining. You can get all that and more here. Denver Aquarium restaurant reviews will tell you all about its popularity. The timings of the restaurant are:
Monday – Thursday 11am – 8pm
Friday / Saturday 11am – 8:30pm
Sunday 11:30am – 8pm
Besides the restaurant, there is a trendy, modern Denver Aquarium bar where you can grab a drink before sitting down for a delicious meal.

 Restaurants near Denver Aquarium

If you do not wish to eat at the aquarium restaurant, there are many great options close by too.

  1. El Five – For lip-smacking Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine
  2. My Brother’s Bar – Enjoy some American grub with great drinks options
  3. Main Street Deli– If you are one of those who are fussy about gluten-free food, here is your pit stop.
  4. STK Steakhouse – For mouth-watering steaks.
  5. Panda Express – An excellent option for Chinese and Asian cuisine


Other attractions in the vicinity

Denver, the capital of Colorado and called the Mile High City as it sits approximately one mile above sea level, is a great place to spend a weekend. 
With the Rocky Mountains serving as a grand backdrop and balmy weather for most of the year, the city offers fantastic sights and sounds to explore. If you have time after seeing the Denver Aquarium, you must visit these places.

  1. The Denver Art Museum
  2. Civic Center Park
  3. Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater
  4. Denver Center for the Performing Arts
  5. Denver Zoo
  6. Civic Center Park
  7. Clyfford Still Museum
  8. Coors Field
  9. Molly Brown House Museum
  10. Larimer Square



Denver Aquarium makes for a great family outing with massive exhibits housing colorful fish and other animals, live shows, and animal encounters to keep the adrenaline-charged up. Some special programs to make days like birthdays and weddings a unique experience.
Besides having fun and being entertained, the aquarium is also a great platform to learn and get hands-on training in marine life and its conservation. 
There are excellent job opportunities and volunteer activities planned continuously. So if you are an ardent aquatic enthusiast, you can get started with some real-life experience here.
Read about the Denver Aquarium reviews on TripAdvisor and other platforms to know its popularity and the best shows and exhibits to see. 
So get prepped for a fabulous time amidst sea creatures and other animals all set in a well-maintained space and learn about their ecosystems in a fun way.

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