Explore the Thrilling World of marine life at Adventure Aquarium

Adventure Aquarium, Camden, New Jersey, earlier known as New Jersey State Aquarium, houses one-of-a-kind exhibits with more than 15,000 aquatic species. It has the most extensive collection of sharks on the east coast, including the great hammerhead shark. 
Adventure Aquarium, NJ, is also the only aquarium in the world to include hippos in their exhibits. One of the superior six facilities in the USA has the quaint Little Blue penguins as permanent residents. It is a for-profit educational entertainment attraction and opened in 1992.
An accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), the Adventure Aquarium in New Jersey, Camden strives to uphold the highest standards in animal care and its exhibitions. It has been named the 7th best aquarium in the country by USA Today.
Being a favorite family-friendly spot, Aquarium in New Jersey has reopened after the pandemic. Still, guests are requested to follow the COVID-19 protocols laid down based on health officials and experts’ guidelines. 

Tickets for Adventure Aquarium


General Admission

Reservations are mandatory to visit the aquarium, and they have to be purchased online by choosing the desired date and time. For adult general entry, the Adventure Aquarium tickets cost $31.99, including access to all the exhibits, Shark Bridge, and daily live shows. Can buy Aquarium Tickets for adults here. 
Adventure Aquarium, NJ, tickets for kids (2-12 years) are $21.99, and you can make reservations here.  For children under two years of age, admission to the aquarium is free. 

Adventure Aquarium Tickets discount offers

Discounts for Adventure Aquarium are plenty and caters to everyone from toddlers to the elderly.
Guests older than 65 can avail of the Senior Discount by showing their ID card to the staff. Call 844-474-FISH (3474) to redeem this offer. 
Adventure aquarium military discount is available for retired military, disabled veterans, military reservists, spouses, and dependents, wherein a value of $4 for each ticket. Proof of valid military personal IDs and dependents IDs is compulsory. 
Adventure Aquarium discount is also available to those who own TD Bank Membership cards. By using your TD bank card, you can also receive 10% off on the membership package. 
The Philadelphia City Pass offers discounts to Adventure Aquarium by helping you save 40% or more on admission to your choice of 3, 4, or 5 top attractions in the state. It is valid for nine days from the date of first use and can be purchased here
Aquarium’s pay like a kid offer is a great way to let the inner kid in you enjoy the aquarium’s benefits without having to pay the whole ticket amount. To know more about this offer and its validity, visit here.
Another discount offered by Adventure Aquarium, Philadelphia, is on the Philadelphia pass card. Guests can save upto 70% on general admission and 40 other attractions in the state, including the aquarium. These passes one can purchase at the aquarium’s box office. 
Adventure Aquarium access card is another nifty way to save money while visiting various cultural sites and museums around Philadelphia. The card will also grant access to the aquarium and has many benefits for guests to utilize. The Art-Reach organization has various access cards available for purchase. 
Adventure Aquarium Acme is another excellent way to save by buying tickets through their Facebook page. For adults, the cost is $20 and $16 for kids.
Adventure Aquarium Black Friday sales, which usually start in November, can be purchased on various websites that offer discounts upto 70%. 
For guests planning to visit this year, Adventure Aquarium promo codes, 2021 can be used to find some lucrative deals. 

Adventure Aquarium Teacher pass

Adventure Aquarium teacher discounts and Adventure Aquarium student discounts are subject to availability through various private companies, and the aquarium does not have any offers as such. 

AAA discount for Adventure Aquarium

With this offer, patrons can enjoy savings of $3 to $8 on each ticket they purchase to visit the aquarium. Can buy these on the AAA website.

Adventure Aquarium Membership discount

Explore aquatic life and other animals from around the globe at the aquarium. Given the current situation traveling to different countries has become risky and almost impossible. Still, with Adventure Aquarium’s memberships, you receive great perks to enjoy all that the aquarium has to offer. 
Guests opting for the membership will receive 50% off on parking, various discounts, and special passes for bring-a-friend days. The membership pays for itself within two visits. There are two types of Adventure Aquarium discount membership: 
Regular membership offers 12 months of free Adventure Aquarium access, invitations to exclusive events, special bring-a-friendly days, 50% off on parking, 10% off on products at the gift shop, and 10% off H2O photos, and discounts on the Marketplace and encounters. The price for the membership is $43.99 plus taxes per person of ages 13 years and above.
Gold membership offers all the benefits of regular membership with an additional 20% off on gift shop items, H2O photos, and free Adventure Aquarium bring-a-friend season passes.
Can view more information regarding the membership here. If you would like to gift the membership access to a friend or family member, you can visit this link.

Adventure Aquarium free Pre-K pass

Two to five-year-olds can now enjoy unlimited visits to Adventure Aquarium, Camden, NJ for free for the entire year with the Adventure Aquarium Pre-K pass. There are three easy steps to avail of this offer, and registration can be done here. Activities included with the pass are stingray beach club, penguin park, and many other interactive activities suited to their age. 

Coupons for Adventure Aquarium

How can guests take advantage of Adventure Aquarium, New Jersey’s coupons?
There are many different organizations and websites which offer various Adventure Aquarium coupon codes to be redeemed. These can be accessed by a simple web search, which will give you results for different Adventure Aquarium coupons. Make sure you read the terms and conditions and reviews, 
if any, before purchasing these discounts. Some of the best Adventure Aquarium, New Jersey promo codes are from join honeyoffers and i-funbox. Can enter Adventure Aquarium coupon codes online while purchasing your tickets, and guests should make sure they are booking Adventure Aquarium coupons 2020 to be eligible to redeem the discounts. 
Can purchase Groupon for Adventure Aquarium here. There are various exciting offers, and through Adventure Aquarium Groupon, you can receive discounts upto 40% depending on the time of the year. The proposals extend to Adventure Aquarium membership Groupons as well, through which you can avail upto 30% discounts. Guests also can buy Adventure Aquarium family membership passes, which will allow your family to visit the aquarium all year round. 
However, guests are requested to make sure that the Adventure Aquarium, NJ, promo codes and Adventure Aquarium, Nj coupons they are purchasing are legitimate before investing in them. It can cross-check it with the aquarium as well. 

Adventure Aquarium Directions

Directions to Adventure Aquarium from various states, including Philadelphia and Western Suburbs, Maryland, Bucks County, New Jersey, and New York, can be found here. 

Where is the Adventure Aquarium located?

The Adventure Aquarium address to be added to GPS devices is: Adventure Aquarium, 1 Riverside Drive Camden, NJ 08103
Adventure aquarium maps to navigate the intricate exhibits can be viewed and downloaded here. It will help you be better prepared during your visit and also manage your time efficiently. 
Adventure Aquarium parking is secure and monitored. It is located adjacent to the aquarium and is operated by The Parking Authority of Camden City. Member parking charges are $5 and $10 for general admission guests. 
For further details, you can call the Adventure Aquariums’ phone number, which is +1 844 474 3474.

Ferry to Adventure Aquarium

Adventure Aquarium ferry rides are available both ways from the establishment and the RiverLink ferry system. Guests can enjoy a quiet time across the Delaware River as they take in the Philly area’s scenery. A seamless one-way journey takes anywhere between 10 to 15 minutes and costs $10 to $15.

What time does Adventure Aquarium open?

Timings for the aquarium are from 10 am to 4 pm on weekdays, and 9.30 am to 5 pm on weekends. 

Adventure Aquarium Exhibits and Attractions


Adventure Aquarium Hippo Haven 

Photo: https://pixabay.com/photos/hippopotamus-hippo-mother-baby-5608509/
Button and Genny are two of the favorite residents at the aquarium. Recently they have been joined by a few other members of the Nile hippo family. Weighing between 3000-4000 pounds, 
these mighty creatures are more than 20 years old. At the exhibit, you can come nose-to-nose with Adventure Aquarium’s hippos and watch them bounce gracefully and form intimate angles as they swim underwater.
Guests can also learn about how these creatures on the vulnerable list interact with their environment and the other animals which live along the African river. 

Adventure Aquarium Shark Bridge

Presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, it is the longest V-shaped rope suspension bridge in the world where guests can walk just inches about the 21-foot deep exhibit above these cold-blooded creatures. The bridge offers one of the Adventure Aquarium sharks’ kind views, not for the faint-hearted, as nearly 30 sharks are swimming in the tank. The bridge is 81 feet long and was previously reserved only for biologists and other experts belonging to marine studies.

Adventure Aquarium Shark Realm

The Adventure Aquarium shark tunnel feels like it is straight out of a sci-fi movie, as you are always aware that someone is watching you in the 40-foot-shark tunnel. Over 20 sharks and 200 Adventure Aquarium animals live in the 550,000-gallon shark realm, where you are surrounded by some of the fiercest creatures in the ocean. 

Adventure Aquarium Touch, a Shark 

At this exhibit, guests can touch some of the most exotic sharks in the world and get a feel of their scales and skin. 

Piranha Falls

The multi-sensory exhibit experience at piranha falls will virtually take you deep into the Amazon rainforest while staying put in New Jersey. Guests can watch the 120 glittering red-bellied piranhas swim under waterfalls as well as hear and feel the change in weather as intense rainstorms take over. 

Caribbean Currents

It features 15 connected exhibits that house various tropical fish, brightly colored marine life like lined seahorses, lobsters, schooling fish, and many others. 

Stingray Beach Club

In this unique experience, guests can dip their hands into the warm waters of the enormous stingray pool and touch these elusive creatures. The exhibit is modeled like a beach, so it always feels warm and sunny inside. The two species found here are the Cownose rays and Southern Stingrays, both of whom the guests can also feed with their own hands. Experience the gentle slaps of their fins and feel their “kisses” on your skin as these creatures approach you out of curiosity. 

Adventure Aquarium Mermaids 

This exhibit brings the mythical sea creatures into our realm, where you can watch the performers swim around with the shark and fishes. You can watch the mermaids blow. Kisses, bubbles, and the whole experience seem like it is straight out of a Disney movie. Kids can also interact with these ethereal beings and ask them questions about various aquatic life. 

Sea Turtle Cove

This 760000-gallon ocean realm centres on endangered species of sea turtles from around the globe. It also houses the resident loggerhead and green sea turtles of the aquarium. The exhibit, which is beautiful and vibrant, uses signage, videos, and interactive displays to tell the stories of a wide variety of sea turtle species and the dangers they face throughout their life.

Penguin Park

Penguin park offers families the opportunity to play, connect, explore, and get up close to the flightless African penguins. The exhibit is designed to mimic a children’s park and offer families an area to relax and watch the penguins in their enclosures. 

The Grotto

An exhibit that is a playground under the sea allows kids to touch various invertebrates, such as colorful sea stars like the descriptive chocolate chip sea star, scarlet cleaner shrimp sea apples, fish, horseshoe crabs, fire shrimps, and many more cool animals. 

Adventure Aquarium Encounters


Adventure Aquarium Penguin Encounter

The aquarium also offers a penguin pop-in encounter where you can shuffle over and enjoy 20 minutes with a pack of penguins and only time with a penguin expert. The price for two guests is $59.99.

Adventure Aquarium Hippo Encounter

During this exciting encounter, guests can feed the hippos and get all their questions about these vast animals answered by the experienced staff. Visitors will also receive a chance to find out where the hippos go when they aren’t out in their exhibits. The price of this exciting encounter is $145.

Adventure Aquarium Swim with the Sharks

Photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/allxagesxshow/8634788551/
In this thrilling encounter, you get to wade waist-deep into the Shark pool and interact with these prehistoric creatures. There are brown sharks or sandbar sharks, sand tiger sharks, and nurse sharks. 
Those partaking in the swim with the harks Adventure Aquarium experience must bring their bathing suit, towels, secure water shoes, and any personal shower times. Unique wetsuits, snorkels, dive equipment, jewelry, and flip flops are not allowed. 
You cannot wear Eyeglasses with the mask and snorkel. The whole encounter lasts 30 minutes, after which will leads guests into the stingray pool. Tickets cost $165 and are only for individuals who are 12 years and above. 

Sea Turtle Encounter

Here guests can help care for, train, tong feed Greenland loggerhead sea turtles from the top of the Ocean Realm exhibit. The price of this encounter is $170.

Wild Things Encounter

Guests can go behind the scenes for an up-close encounter with the animals, serving as the aquarium’s animals ambassadors. The whole encounter lasts 40-minutes, where one can meet four of the lesser-seen yet fascinating birds, mammals, and reptiles housed in the aquarium. The lowest price for two guests is $60.

Behind the Scenes Encounter

A chance for guests to understand what happens behind the aquarium’s scenes with a member of the aquarium’s husbandry team who will take visitors on a guided, 
an in-depth tour is highlighting what goes into running an aquarium and providing exceptional care for the animals. The price for two guests is $60.

Adventure Aquarium Events

The aquarium hosts various events that attract a vast number of tourists from all over the country. The events vary according to the season, and to know more about them. You can visit their page here. 
The two events currently being organized are:
Christmas Underwater, where you get to see submerged Christmas trees, write letters to Santa and explore the waters with scuba Santa. 
Shark Week 2021 is organized with the Discovery Channel’s help, where you can watch the most extensive collection of sharks on the East Coast, including the only great hammerhead shark in the USA.
Guests can also host their events at the Adventure Aquarium.

Adventure Aquarium Birthday Party

Birthday parties are hosted every Saturday and Sunday at the aquarium, and guests can choose various packages to suit their requirements. Each package includes Adventure Aquarium admission for everyone at the party, behind the scenes Ocean Realm Sneak Peek, a personal birthday party coordinator, pizza, drinks, free parking tickets, and access to one of the party rooms. 
Grotto Room Package: Guests can receive admission for upto 15 people, a 1-hour private grotto room party, four-cheese pizzas, juices and water, and free ten parking spots. The cost for this would be $475.
Package #1: This package includes admission for guests upto 22 members, 1-hour in the Skyline party room, five cheese pizzas, and beverages. Members can also avail of upto 11 free parking spots through the package. The price for this is $635.
Package #2: Price $835. This package includes admission for a total number of 32 guests, 1-hour in the Skyline party room, seven pizzas, and beverages. Those opting for the package will receive 16 free parking spots. 
Can seek More information regarding these packages here. 

Adventure Aquarium Wedding

Photo: https://www.weddingwire.com/biz/adventure-aquarium-camden/f9b463e77910b796.html
The aquarium offers two unique locations to celebrate your union with your loved ones; Currents Ballroom and Oceans Realm gallery. Can find Adventure Aquarium wedding cost and other details on this webpage. 
If you would like to plan your wedding from the comfort of your home, you can take the Adventure Aquarium virtual tour.
The aquarium also hosts various social and corporate events. Can find details on their website or by emailing them at events@adventureaquarium.com.

Adventure Aquarium New Years Eve

Every year the aquarium prepares itself to celebrate the arrival of the New year. From unique themes to DJs and even fireworks, the aquarium promises a great atmosphere and experience to all those who attend.

Adventure Aquarium Food facilities

The MarketplaceMarketplace is a modern and eco-friendly restaurant located inside the aquarium. It features an open concept kitchen with sleek designs and warm and rusty tones. Guests have the choice to choose from the locally-sourced, seasonal menu, which has been carefully planned and prepared. Adventure Aquarium food prices are reasonable, and dishes range from $5 to $15.

Adventure Aquarium Beer Garden

In partnership with Flying Fish Brewing Company, guests can now enjoy the first-ever craft beer garden right inside the aquarium. The menu includes beer named after the resident animals like Button and Genny’s watermelon splash. The beer brewed in the Flying fish beer garden is sustainable and eco-friendly. 

Adventure Aquarium Gift Shop

The aquarium’s gift shop has goodies for all age groups, which guests can purchase to remember their time spent with the aquatic life. Products include plush toys, apparel, toys, books, and much more. There is also an excellent opportunity to help preserve animals through the ‘adopt-an-animal’ program. Can also by buying artwork created by the resident penguins. Members get to save 10% at the shop.  

Adventure Aquarium Careers

The aquarium is always looking for dynamic individuals to join their team. People with the necessary qualifications and interest in conservation can look up details on the aquarium’s career page. Adventure Aquarium jobs also include opportunities for veterans from the military. Can view and Openings for the same here. 
Volunteer opportunities are also plenty, and those interested can apply online to have a shot at working at the aquarium. Individuals have to be 18 years or older and should be able to commit 16 hours each month, for 12 months. The experience will help individuals realize the importance of marine life, conservation, and the role humans play in the oceans’ complex world. 

Adventure Aquarium Internships

The Center for Aquatic Sciences offers a limited number of unpaid internship opportunities to college students who can work a minimum of 120 hours during one semester of their choice. Interns will gain valuable insight into various job-related experiences. Students who wish to apply can visit the internship opportunities page or email their resume to volunteer@aquaticsciences.org.

Adventure Aquarium Scout Weekends

Scout groups can visit the aquarium for a low price and enjoy lots of indoor adventures while learning about the different aquatic life which currently lives there. They can also receive a chance to visit the Science Discovery Lab hosted by the Center for Aquatic Sciences and even work on earning a badge. For more information, contact group sales at groups@adventureaquarium.com or by phone at 800-616-JAWS (5297).

Adventure Aquarium Homeschool Days

Can organize Field trips to the aquarium where children can indulge in the various exhibits and events offered. They can interact with some of the animals and the staff to gain a better insight into these marine species’ lives. Packages range from $10 to $14. Can avail of More information by downloading the home school brochure or visiting the Facebook page.

Adventure Aquarium Donation Requests

The aquarium takes donation requests wherein patrons can fill out the form provided, and if the criteria required are met, they can be issued two tickets a month before their fundraising event. Since there are a limited number of tickets, the rules are quite stringent. 

Adventure Aquarium Hotels

There are plenty of fantastic hotels near Adventure Aquarium which cater to every budget and requirement. 
Thomas Bond House
This charming hotel offers B&B services and is located in the heart of Philadelphia city. 
All the basic amenities are offered, and the nearest airport is 11 miles from the hotel. Adventure Aquarium is only at a distance of 3.4 miles from this property. The hotel comes under the budget hotel options. 
Penn’s View Hotel Philadelphia
The hotel has an on-site gymnasium and wine cellar giving you a chance to indulge in your favorite past-times. It is very close to all the famous attractions Philadelphia has to offer, including the Adventure Aquarium, which is at a distance of 3.2 miles. The price of rooms in the mid-ranges. 
Lokal Hotel Old City
This uniquely designed hotel is situated in the Old District in Philadelphia, and rooms are stocked with all the necessary amenities and free toiletries. The pricing for rooms is low to mid-range, which generally depends on the season. The distance to Adventure Aquarium from this property is 3.4 miles.
The Ritz-Carlton
This 5-star hotel offers spa facilities and a restaurant. Rooms have a view of the bustling city-center. Many museums and famous attractions are within walking distance, including the Adventure Aquarium, which is a distance of 4.5 miles.
Apple Hostels of Philadelphia
Great for backpackers and those on a tight budget, Apple hostels offer shared kitchen services, pool tables, and other entertainment facilities. Free coffee and tea are available, and complimentary dinner and drinks are offered on select evenings. The distance from this backpacker hangout to Adventure Aquarium is 3.5 miles.

Attractions near Adventure Aquarium

After visiting the aquarium, guests can indulge in the area’s beautiful sights and popular spots. Some of the most exciting places are:

  • Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial, which is open only during the weekends. Guests can experience real fire-power by climbing into a tank’s turret and tracking missile launches in the Combat Engagement Centre. 


  • Philly Tour Hub provides diverse tours across the Philly regions where you can experience stress-free, educational, and fun ways to see the attractions, learn their history, and experience the area’s culture.


  • Older City escape Games offers very immersive and original escape rooms in the region. With unique themes and challenging adventures, it promises to be fun for the whole family. 


  • Patriot Harbour Lines provides the best Philly boat experiences on the Schuylkill and Delaware rivers. They can also hire their yachts for private events. 


  • Arden Theatre Company hosts various plays and shows where guests can sit back and enjoy great performances by various local artists. There are also some acclaimed places to eat around the area. 


Places to eat near Adventure Aquarium

Apart from the in-house gourmet restaurant, there are plenty of options to feast on near the aquarium. Some highly recommended restaurants include:

  • Bain’s Deli


  • A little slice of New York


  • Fevzi’s Meditarennean Grill


  • La Famiglio Ristorante


  • Friend’s cafe


Miscellaneous Details about Adventure Aquarium


  • You can visit the aquarium’s website and Youtube page for more information and details and watch the staff and animals in action. 


  • Adventure Aquarium’s logo is an animated shark fin as seen above water.

Photo: https://www.nacephilly.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Adventure-Aquarium-logo.png

  • Can view adventure Aquarium photos can appear in their gallery here. 


  • Adventure Aquarium reviews to better help you plan Can read your trip here. 



Adventure Aquarium certainly lives up to its name as guests can enjoy many adventurous exhibits and encounters. The facility is of average size, and guests can take anywhere between 2 to 4 hours to explore all that the aquarium offers. 
Apart from its diverse marine life and animals, the aquarium also takes conservation issues seriously and works with the Centre for Aquatic Life to help improve the conditions of the oceans. 
The amenities provided like the Market Place restaurant and Flying fish beer garden are not missed when you visit the aquarium. 
Due to the surge of COVID-19 cases, guests should adhere to the rules laid down by the aquarium and bring necessary protective gear and sanitization products. 

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